Friday, October 01, 2004


What is up with Q? Everyone thought he was the next coming of the Great Barry Sanders. Give me a break he is the next coming of Danny DeVito maybe. I can't believe the cat, fumbling in 3 strait games. Now he has the whole NFL looking to pop that ball loose out of his tiny little hands. This guy is really on the bubble with me, he just doesn't seem to fit the style for shenanigans plan. I know Mike is a loyal coach and all but man it is time to pull this guy, I might be wrong but my instincts say to go with Tatum Bell. Tatum Bell looks just like the other Denver RB's that succeeded before him, he hits the hole hard, he cut's back against the grain and he ain't 5'3 with hands that even Michael Jackson would say are too small. Only time will tell how Q does and he has another chance to prove himself against Tampa this weekend and you know Derrick Brooks will be looking to cause a fumble because Q this ain't O.U.


Blogger Steve said...

If you were old enough back in the day, you would probably be saying the same damn thing, asking for Elways head on a plate after his stellar rookie year performance, having 7/14 TD/INT ratio, 54.9 QB Rating and lining up behind the guard to take a snap. I think I remember talking to a guy with red hair who works at Comcast and goes by the name of Jesse stating the Q was the real deal after he tore KC to shreds. Amazing, hop on the Sooner bandwagon and now you're jumping off just as quickly.

Sure, he isn't having a VERY successful season as we Denver fans have been used to out of rookies in the previous few years. Sure it seems as if he has a problem with fumbling the rock, his hands aren't sure, blah blah blah. The guy just needs a bit of confidence. The past two weeks he has faced extremely tough run defenses (both teams stacked 8/9 in the box on every play). So again we can ask. . .is it the System or the Runner? Portis doesn't seem to be having the success he had here in Denver in Washington. Q isn't having Portis' numbers here in Denver. The Chiefs offsense is struggling too - doesn't this all just simply mean that teams have FOUND a way to stop it?

I will agree with you on one thing - to a very small extent. I think Mike should consider pulling this guy. My reasoning is simple - it's a business. The Bronco's are trying to go to the Super Bowl, Q isn't getting it done to Mike's standards. Or is he? Mike has never backed away from pulling someone who isn't getting the job done. Do I have to bring up Griese?

Tatum Bell - as much as I enjoy seeing this character run the ball, the guy is more cockier then Portis ever was. Now that's saying something considering the guy has been injured twice now, missed significant time of training camp because of a contract dispute, and is sitting as our 3rd team RB behind an old-school Hearst. If anything, Hearst should get more playing time. Our offense isn't good enough to have to rely on Plummer's arm to win every game.

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Blogger Hulk said...

Good lord, Steve. Your comment is longer than the post.

12:44 PM  
Blogger RED said...

I did think Griffin was the man until I seen after 3 weeks that every RB that play's the Chiefs in THE MAN.

1:11 PM  
Blogger Steve said...

Yeah, my comment is long, but I thought this was a site to discuss the picture and to discuss our knowledge of the game. So what's the matter Jon, no words of wisdom coming from your direction? LOL

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Blogger BroncoOrange said...

My Opinion on Q is if he can get past the inital rush, he has more natural cut and juke abilities then I've ever seen, with the exception of Sanders of course. On the other had not every defense is going to give you that opportunity. I dont know if Q has the ability to break the inital tackle to even make it to the secondary. However I have noticed that opposing defenses have been penatrating our offensive line far more often then normal. Or is it that I never notice before because Portis or Anderson or Davis or whoever was in the backfield was able to break that inital contact? Maybe Q is getting protection, or maybe Q is just not strong enough to break a tackle. Whatever it is I hope Shanahan makes the right decision soon. Im not sure bell is the answer either, he hasnt had enough playing time, and im not sure throwing him to a tough and desperate panthers defense either. Hearst, Steve, might be our best option if Q cant get it going, I think i agree with you there.

4:41 PM  
Blogger LanceK said...

q can't get past the initial surge cause we are not going to wait. for now we go with droughns and q spelling him for rests with the possibility of breaking one but giving him less chances to cost us games. Tatum is coming around and soon will be the 2 combined!!! It is about time we are a run first and often franchise we need that in this system. We are lacking now but it can be repaired temporarily this way until the rook is ready. think about it.

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