Monday, July 03, 2006

Champ or Chump?

I got curious and checked it out. The #1 wide receivers for Denver’s opponents combined for 86 catches, 1253 yards, and 5 TDs last season. Not bad for someone who had been taken out of the game, and that doesn’t count Deion Branch’s 8-153-0 and Hines Ward’s 5-59-1 in the playoffs.

Wk Receiver Rec Yd TD
1 Chambers 5 40 0
2 McCardell 4 54 0
3 Kennison 8 112 0
4 J. Smith 5 109 1
5 S. Moss 8 116 0
6 Branch 7 87 0
7 Burress 6 84 1
8 Owens 3 154 1
10 R. Moss 6 87 1
11 Coles 6 62 0
12 K. Johnson* 6 54 1
13 Kennison 4 108 0
14 Mason 6 53 0
15 Evans** 2 5 0
16 R. Moss 5 72 0
17 McCardell 6 51 0

* - Glenn had 4-56-0
** - Moulds had 9-110-0


Blogger Steve said...

Hmmm...Can't count games 4 and 5 considering Champ didn't play and yet still played with a sore hamstring for games thereafter.

So lets stats
73 catches 1028 yards and 4 TD.

But Champs stats while missing those two games, 8 INT, 2 TD, 66 Total Tackles (which was 4th on the team...not bad for a CB).

9:28 AM  
Blogger RED said...

Take a look at Ty Laws statistics... This just goes back to what I said about having Law over Bailey.

9:32 AM  
Blogger RED said...

Ty Law had 62 tackles, 10 interceptions and 1 TD.

Could you imagine if Denver was able to get him this off season?

9:40 AM  
Blogger Steve said...

Wait, the guy had 2 additional INT, 1 less TD, 2 less tackles and you think his stats are better?

Are you holding the games not played by Bailey against him?

And quite frankly, if it weren't for the crappy performance of Holcombe the last game of the season, Law wouldn't have had so many INT.

Oh yeah, look at the Bills #1 receiver that game too, Moulds, 8 catches for 96 yards and a TD.

The comparisions aren't really there dude - Ty Law didn't have some absolutely fantastic season. If you are so high on Int, I'm surprised you aren't wanting Deltha O'Neal instead of Baily too.

Common dude...pick your battles with the Broncos, either it's the QB or the RB or the CB. 1 win away from a Super Bowl visit, there is no way in hell we have problems at all 3 positions.

9:42 AM  
Blogger RED said...

1 wn a way from the Superbowl doesn't mean anything. nobody remembers the team who came a game a away from the Superboel. We have 3 problems that i can see that we need to address either by getting the players on defense , especially at the defensive back position to be more accountable for their play especially in the playoffs. To have Big Ben pick us apart like he did wan an embarrasment. As for the RB situation, that is yet to be seen, but I wouldn't be putting much stock into it this season with Ron Dayne as our starter. The QB situation needs to be addressed in a way that Jake Plummer needs to start buckling down and be able to step it up when we need him to instead of turning the ball over when the pressures on him. It seems when Plummer cannot lean on pure QB managment from the coaching staff and he has to intervene he fails. That is the difference beetween a Plummer and a Brady. Coaching and offensive managment only take you so far, you have to step up and make plays in the clutch. Back to Bailey... The guy is outstanding, but looking at his stats VS the matchups we had this past season I thought he could have been more dominant and live up to that god all mighty HYPE that Denver fans seem to put on him.

9:54 AM  
Blogger Steve said...

it's your fault for trusting the "hype" because as a football fan, you should know even the best players aren't entirely dominant. There has never been a literal shutdown CB in the league - EVER! There have been good ones, really good ones (where Law and Bailey are both in) and great ones, but the great ones were burned on many occasions. My argument with the 1 win away wasn't about remembering where we were as a team, but showing it takes a lot to get to that point. If you think Law would have made a difference in that game then you're smokin' crack. Perhaps Law and Bailey at the CB positions, but one over the other wouldn't have made a difference.

So lets get back to Law over Bailey. I understand you wanting Ty Law. Hell, I'd love to have Ty Law too, but not over Bailey. It's just replacing a really good CB with another really good CB. Where is the upgrade? If it were significant, i.e. Willie Middlebrooks to Champ Bailey, then I could completely understand. I just don't see an argument here over two really good players. Both would be successful here, but one wouldn't turn the defense into a win vs Pittsburgh.

5:16 PM  
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