Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Could this be the year?

The Rockies are off to a hot start. Can they keep up the good work on the road and get into the playoffs this season or will they sputter out by mid-season?


Blogger Steve said...

history tells us to watch out for a sputter, obviously having the worst road records in the majors the past few years, it's easy for Rockies fans to get excited at the early success the team has had. Not trying to knock anything against them, I certainly hope they can give a nice tease to fans here year after year, it's hard to get thta excited for a bunch of no-names playing well.

Perhaps it'll be one of those magical seasons like the Marlines seem to have, but atleast when they win it all, they sign big-free-named players.

Here's the reason why excitement should not be up in the air just yet...MLB trade deadline. Seems the Rocks have top-notch executives willing to trade away the best players for not to good players.

Until MLB implements a salary cap, teams like the Rockies will never have that taste of knowing what it's like to play in a World Series unless the management decides to stop being monkeys and actually spend some money on formulating an all-around team instead of blowing 120+ million on a washed up pitcher.

3:40 PM  
Blogger RED said...

Yeah I am really just looking for something to get me excited here in Colorado about baseball. i remember the 1st season and how all the fans here in Denver supported them to the fullest shattering all attendance records imaginable. I've lost a lot of love for them these past 5 years or so because of managment decisions, it would be nice to see these guys achieve some kind of success even if it is a playoff appearance.

3:47 PM  
Anonymous Johnny Sox said...

The West is weak and the Rockies could hang in until September when one winning streak could be the difference. You have a great great stadium to watch ballgames, I hope they finally get in the playoffs. When I went to Coors Field for a game versus the Cubs a few years back, 9 HR's were hit! I was jealous of your digs! Come to Fenway and sit in an 19" wide seat behind a pole, and go down to a dungeon to get $6.50 light beer. The Marlins pulled off a championship on low budget, maybe the Rockies can surprise!

10:50 AM  

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