Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Next Stop...

Where will TO end up? With the Broncos, Cowboys, Lions, nobody knows but soon we'll find out. Your thoughts and predictions of where TO will end up?


Blogger Steve said...

Good question - my answer is the team that is willing to throw the most money in his direction...however, I can't imagine the Cowboys having TO, Keyshawn and Terry Glenn...talk about the wrong 3-some.

I'd like TO to come to Denver IF and I say only IF, we give him a 1-year deal (how much I don't necessarily care about). I think some teams with high cap numbers (Vikings, Packers) may also try to get a bid.

There is still so much to be determined with TO though - because officially he hasn't been released and the Eagles have until the end of today to do so, otherwise they owe him $5 mil roster bonus. And Denver is the only team he has officially visited. If the Eagles release him, there are going to be teams willing to throw big money his direction, so I look for the Saints to play big time.

9:19 AM  
Blogger RED said...

Well i really hope as a Denver fan that To comes here to play for the Broncos. I think the organization will welcome him with open arms as well as the fans. I believe he can really turn Plummers game up a notch and not only that but if Dayne ends up as the starting running back that will take a lot of pressure of of him. What an addition it would be to have TO along side with lelie and Smith. I agree too Steve, i would like to see him with a one year lucritave deal that in which they will get an idea of what TO's attitude is going to be for the season, then go from there perhaps signing him to a 3 year deal. I am scared the Cowgirls might step up and snag him away from us, it seems that the Cowboys are always willing to do what it takes to be a contender so look for them to put up big cash to get him to play for the star.

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