Sunday, December 11, 2005

Raider Fans...are you serious?

I have seriously had enough "I know my Raiders" BS talk from Raider fans saying the best thing for the team is to start Marques Tuiasosopo because he is the future of this organization...the dude has spent 5 years in this league, IF he was your future, wouldn't he have started a season? Hell no, because he is only a "decent" backup at best! 5 years in the league and the guy can't even start a game for the Raiders of all teams - yet moron Raider fans say he is the future. Wake up and smell the coffee...Tuiasosopo isn't anything more than a QB who is going to lose against the J-E-T-S JETS JETS pathetic is that! So what if your chances for the playoffs this season are over, you still had an opportunity to do something with your season with Collins at the helm. Sure Collins isn't the best QB for that team, but if you at all think that Tuiasosopo is, then continue being the crap team of the AFC and the laughing stock of the AFC West. I tell you, the Broncos, Charges and Chiefs are sure glad to have a crap team accept 2 easy wins per year!


Blogger Steve said... took Tuiasosopo 5 years to get his first NFL touch down pass, but still lose to the pathetic Jets. And to even think the Jets were without Curtis Martin too...hahahaha, seriously, I would love for a Raider fan to SERIOUSLY give a SOLID example of WHY Tuiasosopo is the best thing for this team. Provide a good reason as well as proof to back up your claim. Looks like the Raiders are preparing for another top 5 NFL draft pick. How pathetic!

5:52 PM  
Blogger Steve said...

All I can say is, "Oakland: "Tuiasosopathetic: Raiders blown out by lowly Jets""

1:05 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nation said...

Kick us while we are down? The Raider nation will rise again! You Bronco fans may be in first but remember, without Elway - one and done.
No different this year. We have 3 titles to your 2 !
Colts are your Daddy ! They will trounce you again, take it to the bank! Jake the Joke Plummer!

10:34 AM  
Blogger Steve said...

I think your comments just prove how pathetic you Raider fans really are. The post had nothing to do with Denver whatsoever. So what if we are "one and done" you don't have an opportunity to win the Super Bowl by losing to the Jets of all teams and missing the playoffs. Colts are our daddy? Hmmm, I suppose the Jets are yours then, or for that matter so are the Broncos, Chiefs and Chargers.

I'm not kicking the Raiders team for being down, but I am seriously sick of moron fans saying Tuiasosopo should be the starter. Let me ask all you Raider fans you still feel Tuiasosopo is the guy you want taking the snaps? I tell you, if you lose @ home to the Browns, your team is seriously going to be a laughing stock.

I believe the Raiders will be a good team again, but they need a better coach and need a QB other than Collins and Tuiasosopathetic. You have two solid WR and Gabrial is a good receiver too. The defense took a few hits with injuries, but atleast with Collins, that team stood a chance to win a few games and be a spoiler. Now they don't have a chance in hell in my opinion!

11:53 AM  
Anonymous Raider Mike said...

I caught this on the blogger streamer and had to get in on this idiotic post. 1st off worry about putting up more points then 12 against the Ravens before you start barking. Obviusly you don't know football. The Raiders are clearly out of the playoff picture so why not give Tuiasosopo a chance. They have been in the hunt in years past and could not take the chance of playing him. Any team in this position would do the same. It's time to see what players can do what and it's basically a free pre season. If they lose, oh well! Better draft pick. So please start thinking before you post you idiot.

3:22 PM  
Blogger Steve said...

Worry more about putting up than 12 points? You should talk only scoring 10 against the Jets...atleast Denver won by only scoring 12!

Amazingly two Raider fans posted and each one threw a hissy-fit because I was rippin' on Tuiasosopo. Here's why you don't "take a chance" - you play this game to win, not to get a better draft pick! If you want a better draft pick, then all I can say is you're a quitter...but being a Raiders fan, I can see that!

You evaluate your roster in training camps and in the pre-season, not during the season. 5 years and Tuiasosopo has not earned the starting nod out of training camp. In fact, latest news from Oakland is they will bench him and go back with Collins. Read this following exerpt from an article on

"While Turner acknowledged discussing the situation with owner Al Davis and other members of the organization, he said ultimately the call was his and he decided to go with the quarterback he felt gave the team the best chance to win.

"I just felt that it was Kerry. It's not a reflection of Tui and his performance, because he knows there are things he could have done better, but we did not play well around him," Turner said. "We owe it to the guys on this team that are giving as much as they're giving, we owe them the best chance to find a way to win a game."

Now, if you moron Raider fans don't mind getting back to the topic at hand (which is Tuiasosopo and NOT the Broncos), explain to me why after 5 years in the league he "deserves" a chance? Explain why he gives that team a better chance to win games, yet he gets pulled after 1 game?

By the way, in the hunt in previous years? You call finishing 5-11 a year ago in the hunt? Or how about the 4-12 in 2003? Oh, you're going to bring up the 2001 and 2002 seasons which you won the what happened the past 2 seasons?

Here's what happened, Tui only started 2 games in the past 3 years (overall Raider record in the past 3 years 13-32) Don't you think because he has only started in 2 games during this stretch that he really isn't your future QB?

That's my only problem here, so if you respond back, don't be a typical Raider fan CHUMP and say Broncos suck, blah blah blah, site your reasonings for wanting to bench Collins and go with Tui?

5:15 PM  
Blogger RED said...

I actually don't mind seeing Tustupidiopo play from a Denver fans stand point to be honest. i'd really like to see what this cats all about, i have some co worker here at my job who has been calling for Tuisopo to start for a long time and blames a racist owner why he has not yet started a game. Big reason these Raiders suck is Randy Moss not coming through at all since he was injured or whatever and just plain Raider Luck haaha. Anyway i hope to see nothing but misery for this team and i could see that Raiders organization throwing in the towell to get a draft pick, shit they have done it in years past. Now if i were a Raider fan id be pissed about pulling Collins. The guy is actually a damn good QB, yeah he has his moments but shit in a good system he isn't too bad. I just see this as a quiting team who is throwing in the towell only to try to get a high draft pick.

8:08 PM  
Anonymous nn said...

Did you hear that the Raiders are benching him after one week? Yeah, that should turn their season around...

9:17 PM  
Blogger Steve said...

Red you said it right bro...from a Denver perspective, I want Tui to play because I know he's a terrible QB.

And yeah, I remember that dude where you work blaming a racist owner and saying Tui is better...blah blah blah - that dude doesn't know a thing about football either!

4:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's the raiders' #1 problem: Al Fucking Davis.

He's the devil. Plain and simple. And God Himself will not let the Raiders win another championship as long as he owns the team. Because God hates the devil. Lots. Add that to the fact that the team is hell bent on pursuing once-marquee talent about five years past their prime and wasting FIRST ROUND draft picks on KICKERS, and you have a recipie that will whip up a hell of a crap souflee.
Now, get rid of your evil owner, hire a decent GM (hey, maybe you can hire Millen away... hahahaha) and start rebuilding and then, only then, after four or five years, you may have a shot at a ring.
But probably not.
Cause God not only hates Al Davis.

He hates the Raiders, too.



1:13 PM  
Anonymous Johnnysox said...

Red and Steve,
You guys are slowing down on your posts, football season, Broncos cruising to a bye, I thought there would be more subjects. We need more of your good posts! The Raiders are not worth discussing this year. How about the imbalance of the leagues, if San Diego was an NFC team and played the same schedule as the Bears, they would be 12-2 and favorite for the SB, but they will probably miss the playoffs!

1:58 PM  
Blogger RED said...

I hear that i don't know what the hell Steve was thinking when he posted this garbage!

8:26 AM  
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Blogger BIGDOGOG said...

I love getting involoved in Coward fans conversations I mean Raider fans sorry. You people are stupid if you made my people actually validate a reason to put this worthless team on the sports junkies with the most brilliant minds in the bizness site. Go Home trade away the rest of waht you dont got. Hope you get salary cap violations hope Randy Moss never regains it the way Woodson has'nt Hope your QB troubles get worse hope your running game keeps producing shit hope your defensive line gets 20 years older hope your owner chokes on malibu chicken next time he is down PCH and most of all I hope you hate we will be whipping that Raider Ass for years to come. Let it Go the real AFC west rivalry is us and those bitch ass chiefs. You cowards are the reason with your 1 run in 20 years how did that end by the way and how many times did you beat us in that span LOL LMFAO 24/7

6:09 PM  
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