Thursday, September 22, 2005

Here Come The Bengals!

The Bengals look good so for with a impressive 2-0 start and are off to play the Bears who just came off a big win against the Lions. Could there be a new tripplets in the making with Palmer, Johnson & Johnson?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger CosmicPal said...

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Blogger CosmicPal said...

Well, because some tard robbed me of a complimentary Hawaiian cruise, I must make amends and post some football logic.

For starters, I don't have a lovefest for my old team like Collingsworth has, nor do I have a lovefest for a particular player like Sterling Sharpe has for Randy Moss, but I'll go on the limb and say I like the Bungels....errr, the Bengals. These guys are so good, they even named a body of water of them: The Bay of Bengals. Yep, not many football teams can say that.

I like the Bengals and like my coke sniffing friend, Jesse, likes to say- "they have real neat uni's" Well, I happen to disagree with him on that one- I think those uni's make them look like a bunch of pimps walking around Studio 54.

Screw that gold-toothed boy, Chad Johnson, the guy who really makes this team roll is "Hereeeeeeeee's Johnny!" Carson Palmer. This cat is a screamer, and he'll be quite the QB to watch for years to come, not that fool, Ben Rothbleepinburger.

Go Chiefs!

6:25 PM  
Blogger Steve said...

Hmmm....I've been mauling over this post now for a few hours so I could collectively express my thoughts about this Bangals team.

Let me start off by stating that during this sports junkies NFL preview, I mentioned this Bangals team is going to be good (just not this season). I still believe this.

Here's what I think - the Bangals have looked average thus far in the two games they've played. Sure they have the #1 ranked offense in the league (that trio is going to have many more good games), but the defense has some work to do. Despite giving up 21 points in 2 games and intercepting Culpepper 5 times, they still have the 23rd ranked defense.

Here's some more info for you - the two teams they played against have the 30th and 31st ranked defenses.

Don't mistake what I'm saying here, I'm not taking anything away from the Bangals, I'm just simply stating I don't believe they've been tested.

This week they face a pretty solid Chicago defense (though lacking on offense) this could turn out to be a good game.

Here's their remaining schedule, @ Chicago, home to Houston (should be a game they can win), @ JAX (solid defense), @ Ten, home to Pitt (good matchup) and Green Bay, then a very difficult 4 game stretch - @ Baltimore, home to Indy and Baltimore then @ Pitt. Lets not also forget about closing out the season home to Buffalo and @ Kansas City.

Some good solid teams offensively and defensely they are going to face here shortly.

The Bangals got off to a good start and I'd like to see them continue, but I just don't see that happening. Perhaps they will shock me and prove me wrong - who knows.

I still see this team finishing around 8-8 or 9-7 as I predicted in the NFL Preview.

8:30 PM  
Blogger RED said...

I picked them in our preview to go 9-7. They are 2-0 now against weak defenses yes. Now if all goes as I see it they will be 3-0 after they play the Bears. Then they play the Texans at home and should win that game as well and be at 4-0 going into a 2 game away stretch in Jacksonville and Tennessee, I say they split those two and should be 5-1 and then they host the Steelers and the Packers which I believe they can split those two games as well hands down and then be sitting at 6-2 at mid season. They go to Baltimore to start out week 9 and should not have any problems scoring more then the Ravens if they are still the same shit offense team. 7-2 at that point then they get the Colts which they will probably lose and leave them at 7-3 to host the Ravens which I think they can beat at home, but lets pretend they split the series with the Ravens and end up 8-4 after that game. Then they play the Steelers in Pitt and that will be a loss maybe depending on if this team is the real deal. They then host the browns which should be a tough win to make them 9-4 with the Lions, Chiefs and Bills on there schedule, now I think they can pull off a win in those last three and be a 10-6 team which as we seen with the AFC wildcard Broncos is enough to get you in the playoffs. This team has a great shot of becoming a contender and a 10-6, 11-5 team, who knows maybe even better. I'm optimistic with these guys Steve.

8:53 PM  
Blogger Steve said...

I can almost agree with you Red, but I'm going to hold off on my optomism until I see them beat a good defense (this week)

7:17 AM  
Anonymous Johnny Sox said...

The Bengals could be this years Steelers rising from mediocrity. When reviewing remianing schedules, you (and many sports writers) tend to count every game a team has with Indy or Pittsburgh as a loss. Indy and Pitt are not both going 16-0 or 15-1. agreed that the Bungles played weak defenses but they do have offensive firepower. And the Steelers are now regarded as a superpower this year after beating the awsome Houston and Tennessee teams! I would not be surprised by an 11-5 season from the Bungles!

11:54 AM  
Blogger RED said...

About picking Indy or Pittsburgh. When speculating a win or a loss VS those teams you kinda gotta go with them unless proven otherwise. Now Marvin Lewis is 1-1 in pittsburgh so he might be able to knock them off but i doubt it unless like I said proven otherwise.

1:52 PM  
Blogger Steve said...

That's the beauty of all this - nobody really knows how's it going to be.

I'd love to see the Bengals as division champions - but year after year of losing, it's hard to be confident in a team who has played against two very weak defenses.

I'll admit they have an explosive offense, but before I start to believe in that team, I want to see how that offense performs against a good defense, ie Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Indy, KC, Buffalo, Chicago...we'll get that chance this weekend.

2:54 PM  
Blogger RED said...

yeah but not really. I haven't baught into the fact that Chicago has all that great of a defense just because they held down the Lions and the Skins who have got to be both ranked among the lowest ranked offenses.

3:34 PM  
Blogger Steve said...

And you bring up a good point on that Red - which is why I still think the Bangals will be 4-0 before heading to Jax which will probably be their first real good opponent.

I am banking on this Chicago game a little more because Chicago has a good defense, sure they will probably lose this game because of a lack of offense, but it'll give me an opportunity to see how a good offense (Cincy) plays against a good defense (Chi)

3:37 PM  
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