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NFL Divisional Playoffs

1st weekend of playoffs are over and 3 teams won on the road. Will that trend continue in the divisional round? The final 8 teams, who is going to move 1 step closer to reaching the Super Bowl?

Washington @ Seattle 1/14
New England @ Denver 1/14
Pittsburgh @ Indianapolis 1/15
Carolina @ Chicago 1/15

Make your picks and provide your analyzation for each game...


Blogger Steve said...

This is a great time for any NFL fan, but I also must say it kind of sucks - divisional playoffs all ready, football will be over in no-time! Anyway, onto the picks...

As mentioned in the post, 3 of the 4 teams won on the road, including both #6 seeds (which hasn't happened in a while if my memory is correct). I don't think that trend continues, though there should be atleast 1 road win.

Washington is playing very very well right now, they are just finding a way to win - that all comes to an end in Seattle. Seattle is looking for a little revenge for an earlier loss to Washington (20-17 win in OT in Wash). I don't see Washington staying close to Seattle and I think Seattle wins big, 31-10.

Carolina I believe is the team who is going to get another road win. Their 23-0 spanking of the Giants impressed me only because of that defense. Their offense looked average, but that defense stepped up HUGE. Chicago has a great defense and the Panthers offense will struggle, but the Panthers defense against the Bears offense is enough for me to pick the Panthers. Carolina wins 14-10.

Ahhh, the team nobody wants to play right now is headed to Denver. Brady is 10-0 in his playoff career - that's impressive! Their win over the Jags - not so much! Sure the score didn't sound it to be close, but Brady was sacked 4 times, their offense had 4 fumbles (if the Jags recovered 2, we'd be looking at a different score), the Patriots will need to play better in Denver if they want to win. But my pick is Denver, because Denver's defense is playing so very well, getting a lot of up-front pressure and creating turnovers. Their offense has a balanced rushing attack and a short passing game which opens up the deep ball. I don't think Denver will be successful going deep, but it should be a close game for a Denver win 24-21.

Pittsburgh knocked out Palmer and lost all hopes to Bengals fans - boo hoo - now it's time for the Steelers season to end - there is no circumstance (with the exception of tearing Peyton's ACL) which the Steelers win this game, both defenses should be very psyched out for this one, but the Colts roll - 35-14

7:29 PM  
Anonymous JohnnySox said...

Game one is ugly, the Redskins cannot overcome their sluggish offense, the Skins D will be it close for 1/2, but the Seattle weapons prove too much, Shaun runs for 120 and Seattle wins 23-13.
Game 2 is a classic, a down to the wire classic, Jake leads Denver to a 4th quarter but leave 1:45 on the clock and a last second FG by Vineteri allows the Pats to escape with a 23-21 victory. This game is even and decided by turnovers and special teams play.
Steelers fall behind by 2 TD's early but fight back to make it close, only to lose 27-20 as three pass interference penalties kill the Steelers, the final penalty total is 11 against Pitt with only two called on the Colts.
Carolina has more "big play" players and although the Bears have a ferocious D, the Carolina D is able to control a weak Bears attack and win a 16-10 game.

10:34 AM  
Blogger Steve said...

YEah Johnny - the Broncos/Pats game should come down to the wire - I really don't see either team taking a "comanding" lead over the other prior to the 4th qtr - if that is the case, then a major player was injured! Obviously I don't agree with the outcome, but how often has that happened again other teams? It is a very realistic situation...a very scary one for Denver fans.

1:24 PM  
Blogger RED said...

Washington @ Seattle - Washington didn't even deserve to win last week and Seattle will prove that by letting Shaun Alexander run wild for 3 scores and a huge win 35-14. The Skins offense is as shallow as Mark Summers from Double Dare's pool of slime.

New England @ Denver - Denver's defense is just too dominant for the streaky Patriots. Look for John Lynch to lay the hurt down on brady. Big Players make Big Plays in Big Games, and Denver has too many Big Players! Denver will easily pull this one of 27-10.

Pittsburgh @ Indy - Well we all seen what happened last time, look for it again. 25-17 indy.

Carolina @ Chicago - Carolina can't bang with the Bears! Bears will pull it off 13-10

10:14 AM  
Anonymous Steelme said...

Steelers will upset the Colts. Mark my words!

11:49 AM  
Blogger Steve said...

You know SteelMe, I really hope your right - I would love to see the Colts go down, but history has shown that teams who go 13-0 (not many teams) have all made it to the Super Bowl - can that change? Absolutely! Will it? That has yet to be seen, but 2 more games to get to the SB for the Colts and both games are going to be hard faught...

12:25 PM  
Anonymous Peyton Manning said...

This is easy!!! Seattle 27 Skins 13 Denver 23-20 over Pats
Colts 31-13 over Pittyful-burg and Carolina 16-13.
Then Colts bitch slap Denver AS USUAL 45-10 !!!!!!!
SB= Colts 41 Seattle 17

8:13 AM  
Blogger Shane Gillis said...

Fuck that shit, the Broncos are going down yo!. 30-23.

The Colts will be upset at home 31-28.

Washington finds their offense and Seattle loses at home 27-13.

Chicago is the only home team
to win this weekend 20-7.

8:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


8:27 AM  
Anonymous Raider Mike said...

Shane you are a fucking idiot. That is the opposite of what is going to happen you idiot! Oh and btw the Broncos will lose this Saturday. I guarantee it!

4:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Raider Mike, your not the sharpest tool in your shed are you. Go play "suck Al Davis dick" somewhere else. The Raiders are the worst franchise in sports. I would be embarassed to call myself a Raider Fan. Don't hate the Broncos just because they've beaten the Raiders like 99 of the last 100 times. FAG!

7:47 AM  
Blogger Steve said...

All I can say is you don't have the chance to win the Super Bowl if you're sitting on the couch during the playoffs...say what you want about the Broncos, they may or may not lose this weekend against the Patriots, but I'd rather have an opportunity to be in this position, than to be preparring for a new coach and the #5 pick in the draft

12:47 PM  
Anonymous Raider Mike said...

Well look at the anonymmous one coming out of the closet and too afraid to bare is name. What a freaking joke! yeah my Raiders have not been in the playoofs for a few years but next year is the year for the Silver and Black to be BACK! So get off these nuts already. All you Bronco fans were fearing us at the beggining of the season and now you will fear us once again. We got a new coach coming in and word oon the streets say Pete Carol might take the job and look for us to trade up our #5 pick, we will get a top notch player. Perhaps we will snag up Lindell White. RAIDERZ!!!!!!!!!!

1:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you're retarded! I will not dignify your bull shit response with a rebuttale because there is no truth to what you are saying. You rode the short bus to school didn't you!

7:05 PM  
Anonymous Arvada Mike said...

How about a name you mouse! or are you one of those chicken shit Bronco fans?

9:25 AM  
Blogger Metal Mark said...

Seahawks 24 skins 13
The skins defense will hold for a while, but just not enough offense and Seattle will keep driving.

Panthers 17 Bears 10
Smith should have played Grossman against the Vikes in the last game. Both defenses will play tough, but the Bears just don't have it on offense.

Colts 31 Steelers 20
The real Colts will show up this week. The Steelers have played good down the stretch, but I don't think they keep up this week.

Broncos 27 Pats 24
This one has me worried. Denver has to establish the run early and spread things around or else Plummer will feel the pressure and try to force passes. I think the Broncos can win, but they have to get a jump on New England. The Jaguars had opportunites early on to make it a game last week, but didn't. The Broncos can't do the same thing and expect to win.

9:32 PM  
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Blogger Steve said...


9:28 PM  
Blogger Steve said...

I know people are going to start blasting off about those calls by the ref as the "reason" why NE lost - The pass interferance call could have gone either way I guess - I think the reason why NE got it against them was because Samuel basically cut off the pattern of Lelie - again, could have gone either way, but the interception return by Bailey - if I hear one excuse about that call, I would really LOVE for you to show me a camera angle showing CONCLUSIVE evidence the ball went out of the end zone...without any video, please don't bring it up, otherwise I'll consider you an extremely poor loser.

The key to this game was the 5 turnovers - which weren't controversial...anytime a team has 5 turnovers, don't expect them to win. The Patriots just didn't play as well as they could have and Denver took advantage of that. I think the scuffle between McGinest and Izzo really said it all - a marvulous run by a GREAT team and I totally give my complete respect to what they have accomplished, but it had to come to an end eventually...

10:44 PM  
Blogger Steve said...

I thought this was kind of funny..."Raider Mike said...
Shane you are a fucking idiot. That is the opposite of what is going to happen you idiot! Oh and btw the Broncos will lose this Saturday. I guarantee it!"

Wow, breaking out the ole guarentee and having it come back and bite you in the ass

7:56 AM  
Blogger Steve said...

Hey "Peyton Manning" - here's a nice quote from you brother..."Peyton Manning said...
This is easy!!! Seattle 27 Skins 13 Denver 23-20 over Pats
Colts 31-13 over Pittyful-burg and Carolina 16-13.
Then Colts bitch slap Denver AS USUAL 45-10 !!!!!!!
SB= Colts 41 Seattle 17"

Awwwww, well, you needed to bitch-slap the Steelers before you could try and bitch-slap the Broncos. I guess Pittyful-berg wasn't such were they? A game entirely DOMINATED by the Steelers, the score doesn't represent that ass-whoopin.

3:06 PM  
Blogger Steve said...

Good call Steelme, your comments, "Steelme said...
Steelers will upset the Colts. Mark my words! " I sure as hell marked your words brother...

3:08 PM  
Blogger quest4facts said...

I was at that Denver - New England game and it was a dominating performance by the Denver Defense/ Special Teams.

I think Denver deserves all of the credit in the world for taking out the Patriots because they FORCED 5 turnovers. It's not like the NE players just dropped the ball, they got the %#@! knocked out of them and thats why they fumbled the ball. I think the Denver running game could have been better and I think Jake Plummers performance was exactly what coach Shannahan game planned for; Very efficent numbers, took some deep shots and had a TD & a pick (an excellent play by the way by Asante Samuel).

I think Brady never felt very poised in the pocket, like we are used to seeing him in the playoffs. He was always looking over his shoulder for the blitz and missed badly on several of his throws. I think the Denver secondary, even though they gave up a couple of long passing plays, played very well and of course got 2 Int's from Brady.

The 12th man definetly showed up on Saturday and It was at 110+ decibels all game long for Brady and the Pats! There was an aura in that stadium that was very reminescent of the original Mile High Stadium. The energy was electric, the fans were smart and LOUD and everyone had a good time in that rawkus atmosphere.

4:36 PM  
Blogger RED said...

Sounds like you had a blast! Good to see the faithful making the game!

9:03 AM  

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