Thursday, July 28, 2005

NFC East Washington Redskins

Finished 2004 season 6-10, last place in the NFC East

Key returning starters:
Clinton Portis – RB
Chris Samuels – OT
LaVar Arrington – LB
Shawn Springs – CB
Matt Bowen - S

The Redskins coming off a year with high expectations because of the return of Joe Gibbs to the coaching rank failed to make any impression in the NFL except defensively. Can Gibbs return to this team to glory or will off-season troubles (Sean Taylor) be too much of a distraction? How long will Gibbs stick with Ramsey as the starting QB, obviously their biggest concern heading into this season.

2004 Stats:
Ranked 30th overall in offense, #15 ranked in NFC
Ranked 3rd overall in defense, #1 ranked in NFC

Your thoughts on the Washington Redskins this upcoming 2005 season...strengths/weaknesses and your prediction on where they will finish in the division.


Blogger Steve said...

With news from Redskins camp - Rod Gardner is gone to Carolina...not that it mattered much to this team offensively. This Redskins team is built defensively for a Championship - very solid defense, best in the NFC last season and I don't see that changing unless Sean Taylor's legal trouble put a dampering. Lets face it, Taylor was a big part of that defense, 4 INT, 76 total tackles, even had a couple forced fumbles.

The biggest question though for the Redskins is their QB - who's it going to be? Draft pick Jason Campbell from Auburn won't be ready to start come the season opener - they gave up on Brunell mid-way last season in favor of Ramsey, but Ramsey shouldn't even be considered a bandaid.

Their most productive offensive workhorse is Clinton Portis. He may have had a good amount of yards last season but only found the end zone 5 times. He went through a 7-game stretch mid-way into the season without scoring a TD - from a pair of 1,500+ yard seasons and 14, 15 TD seasons (2003, 2002 seasons respectively) to 1,300 yards and 5 TD - killed fantasy owners!

I think the Redskins will go far this year, have a much better season and finish 2nd in the division behind the Eagles. Gibbs this year will find a way to utilize the best lineman in the league (Chris Samuels) and get Portis into the endzone 10+ times this season. Think about that, you have a 1,300 yard back, with the 30th ranked offense in the league...there's a reason why the 'Skins are 30th - Portis only had 5 TDs.

The Skins do have a couple solid WR though, picking up David Patten from the Patriots and Santana Moss, hopefully Gibbs finds a solution to bring this team back to the glory days!

7:49 AM  
Blogger Steve said...

For those who are reading these posts here's some more fantasy information from the Redskins. I think their best pick in a fantasy league is Clinton Portis. Though he didn't score owners a great deal of points last season, I look for that to change dramatically this season. Their other top fantasy position is the defense, should be one of the top 5 defenses selected.

I'm not too keen on any other position, if their QB situation was different I'd say go with Patten as a 3rd receiver on your team, but Ramsey just won't get it done.

Chris Cooley the Skins TE should be considered a back-up TE in most leagues - though he did have 6 TD's season, he only had 314 receiving yards so not too many points were gained.

3:52 PM  
Blogger RED said...

Redskins, Wow a really bad team here. The only bright spot on this team is Clinton Portis who might get 1000 yard this season but will be very anemic when it comes to getting in the end zone, not a very smart fantasy choice if you ask me. The Skins still have major problems to consider at the quarterback position with Patrick Ramsey at the help. They basically replaced there old wide reciever Coles with an even worse WR in Santana Moss who is very un physical. As for the defense well Lavarr Arington will be returning from last season where he only played 4 games. This team is gonna need a lot of help from it's division foes if they want to be out of the toilet. Skins another 6-10 season.

10:53 PM  
Anonymous Lance said...

My boys from the "U"!!! They are loaded with 'em watch out philly!! Key positions on lockdown good job Gibbs you see the domination. Go alumni! see ya in Denver take the week off then!!

3:08 PM  
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