Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Super Bowl Picks

Lets make your picks prior to the season and see who is right come February...


Blogger Steve said...

This is going to be a difficult year to pick the winner, but I think it's going to the NFC.

For the AFC Champion, I like Cincinnati - I think Palmer is back and if he can remain healthy, they have a very balanced team with some big weapons on both sides of the ball and special teams.

For the NFC Champs, I like Carolina - Foster is the key here - I think the Panthers are in better shape with DeAngelo Williams running the rock than Foster is, but that is a stout defense and tremendous offense, and I look for a rematch for the NFC Title.

My Super Bowl pick is the Panthers - I think Delhomme is just too solid and that defense is just too good for Cincy to overcome...Panthers win 27-20

6:18 PM  
Anonymous JohnnySox said...

The picks are difficult because the AFC has six teams all about equal and injuries will decide their fate (Denver, Indy, Patriots, Pitt, Cinncy, Miami) with possible rising teams like Ravens, Chargers, Jags and KC !! The NFC is loaded with 9-7 type teams so the pick is tough. I am picking Patriots-Giants. Patriots will ride Maroney to the title by winning close contests against both Indy and Denver at Foxboro and securing home field. The Giants will rise as Eli Manning takes the next step and becomes the QB the Giants were hoping for, with the strong running game and great defensive line, they get it done.

9:18 AM  
Blogger RED said...

I will go into more detail tomorrow but I'm going with this.

Dolphins over Carolina

9:15 PM  
Blogger RED said...

Okay I was just kidding! LOL, But those were my teams to go to the Super Bowl about a month ago but I have to be honest Dante Culpepper just isn’t going to be the QB to bring the Fins to the big game. (I’ll really regret this if they do go) but if they do I’ll be able to say “see told ya so way before the season even started BITCHES! Okay seriously now I am picking the Indianapolis Colts to face the Seattle Seahawks and the Colts to win 34-17.
Without the Edge in Indy the pressure is on Manning and I believe because of previous experiences of failure he will finally get his ring this season. The running game isn’t as strong but with a QB like Manning it’s like having a running game like the Broncos have, any running back will succeed in that offense because of the defensive strategies defenses will have to use to stop the passing attack of Manning, Harrison and Wayne. Defenses will play back giving the opportunity for the running game to be successful. On the other side of the ball with the Dwight Freeney led defense the Colts will chomp their way through the AFC and land their selves with an opportunity for Manning to not be a Marino.
The Seahawks will slide easily into the playoffs with a bye and because they are in such an easy division they will be able to sit their starters the last two weeks of the season and let them have a bye and beat up on the beaten down foes of the NFC.

12:29 PM  
Blogger Steve said...

Different picks - doesn't surprise me too much considering this season I don't think there's a clear front runner heading into the season of "the-team-to-beat."

I do have to say I'm a bit surprised about the Miami and New England picks - not necessarily I disagree with them, I am just surprised. Surely Miami didn't look too impressive against Pittsburgh - but you made that pick prior to the game. I think Miami will turn it around, just not sure if they are a SB contender right now.

As far as New England - I can see the fans liking Maroney, he's going to have a pretty good career. I also think the loss of Branch will affect that team more than people think because teams had to focus on him as their #1 threat, plus it creates a TO type atmosphere with all the controversy (not as big headlines of course). The one thing NE has going for them is playing against a relatively weak AFC East schedule – Jets are arguably one of the worst teams in the NFL and Buffalo really isn’t a whole lot better right now. Miami will put up a fight, but from what I saw out of Culpepper last night, I don’t see it being a big fight. Plus, there is a 6 game stretch in the middle of their schedule that makes any Patriot fan drool (NYJ, @GB, CHI, DET, @MIA, and HOU) – most people feel Chicago will be a test – and sure it may, offensively for the Patriots, but if you have their defense, this is the week to play them! I’m not trying to imply an easy schedule, I’m just saying they have favorable match-ups to lead them to the AFC East division. I don’t think they will take home field – there is just too much firepower in the AFC for the Pats to take the Crème Brule…but that’s just one man’s opinion.

9:15 PM  
Blogger Steve said...

The Patriots are also playing some of the top teams in the AFC - if they can come out 2-1 against Indy, Den and Cin (two of those games in Foxboro) then they just have that chance to take atleast the #2 seed.

9:17 PM  
Blogger RED said...

The Dolphins have a pretty easy scheadule from here on out. If their defense can pull their shit together and Culpepper takes leadership watch out!

This year is just so crazy I have to go with twp picks ;)

12:14 AM  
Blogger RED said...

I like your pick for the Bengals Steve but like the Colts, Vikings, Ram whoah wait a minute.... They might be able to be the Rams of 01 I believe it was built on a top notch offense half ass defense. I just don't think thei defense will step it up enough to get far in the playoffs if even the playoffs. Tory James, Detha Oneal... They sound familiar, oh yeah they weren't good enough for the Bronos, although I missed them against the Steelers ;) Well at least one of them could have brough some veteran leadership to the D, but Foxworthy and Williams are were they should be now so no loss here. Also9 i still want to see how Palmer holds up on the knee. Culpepper who has a similar surgury looked a little nimble footed the other night.

12:19 AM  

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