Saturday, April 09, 2005

Nuggets Reborn!

The Nuggets are reborn under George Karl! they have won 20 of the last 22 games and are inching closer to the 6 spot in the West which will match up the Nuggets VS the Supersonics in a 1st round playoff match up. What is the secret to the Nuggets success? Is Karl worthy of coach of the year honors?


Anonymous nn said...

It's no secret; it's simply hustle and D. You'd have to be crazy NOT to consider Karl for coach of the year.

6:38 PM  
Blogger RED said...

Oh heck yea I totally agree, Karl should be coach of the year. I just watched the Nuggets put up 45 points in the 1st quarter against the 4rd place Supersonics, that is freaking wack! The Nuggs have only lost 2 since the break and both were vs the Suns, we meet up with the Suns again in the final week of the season and hopefully we get some redemption. I'd like to see the Nuggs face the Sonics in the 1st round but if they keep as hot as they are they will snag the 5 spot and end up facing the Mavs, but I'd still rather bang it out with the Bloopersonics just so Karl AKA John Lithgow can spank his old team.

10:00 PM  
Blogger Steve said...

As much as I'd like to agree with you guys that Karl should be considered Coach of the Year, I don't think he deserves it more than Mike D'Antoni, head coach for the Phoenix Suns. Unfortunately for Karl, his shouldn't and won't get it because he hasn't been around all season long. Though, he should be considered for it and is very deserving of it, just don't think he is more deserving than Mike. Lets face it, the turnaround of the Suns from last season to this season is remarkable. Same situation the Nuggets were in, new talent, just needed a coach to tie it all in.

The unfortunate part about Mike is, he couldn't do shit here in Denver when he was the head coach during the 98-99 season.

However, Karl is the real deal, has this team beliving in themselves and in their coach and organization. The talent was never in questions, even when Bzdelik was around, it's just you need a coach to also motivate a team and Karl does that.

I remember in a previous post in February or January when Karl became head coach, I didn't think the Nuggets stood a chance to make the playoffs, UNLESS that team went 30-8 in their final 38 games...well, Denver has about reached that mark, going 27-6 thus far...I just didn't think that was going to be possible in the Western Conference, but I was wrong. Though my statement was very much true...think about this! If Denver had two more losses right now, so instead of being 27-6 under Karl, and only 25-8, Denver would barely be holding onto the 8th seed.

But since stupid Phoenix lost tonight, Denver can't seem to grab that #6 seed.

Go Nuggets, I hope Karl can have success in the playoffs like he is during the regular season.

11:00 PM  
Blogger Steve said...

And it was only 41 points in the first quarter Red, but nevertheless, very impressive point total for 1 quarter

11:00 PM  

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