Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Denver Browns

The Broncos might as well sign Tim Brown with all the Browns they have been signing. The Broncos have basically taken away the Cleveland Browns defensive line snatching 3 former 1st round draft picks. Tonight the Broncos traded Rueben Droughns for former Dallas Cowboy 20th pick Ebenezer Ekuban. Earlier this month they also picked up former #3 pick Gerard Warren and former #1 pick Courtney Brown. It looks like the broncos are stocking the D Line up for the 3-4 defense. Hopefully the Broncos can draft Auburn running back Ronnie Brown come draft time to complete this Brown package. Oh by the way this was brought to you by UPS.


Blogger Jamezwp said...

MAN!, On paper it looks like we are going to have the greatest D-Line of all time, we've got four former 1st round picks (including Pryce). The down side is Pryce, Brown, and Ekuban are all coming of injuries, and Warren has never met up to his expectations. If all these Browns players were that good then why were the Browns last in the NFL in rushing defense with 144 yards per game allowed?

This is a classic Mike Shanahan move, it's a boom or bust type deal. Luckily, these guys are on short term deals and if it doesn't work out well, there is really no harm done past this season. I like the fact that the Broncos are trying this, maybe these guys will really shine because they are on a team that, at least on paper, has a shot to go semi-deep in to the playoffs.

I think I would play like a loser to if I played on a loser team like the Browns. If just 2 of these guys work out fairly well we will be in good shape. Now, the Broncos need to re-direct their focus on offense in the draft.

8:02 AM  
Blogger Steve said...

Your right James, it is a good thing Denver signed these guys to short term-deals, which have the options for long term deals. I also believe it's the system there too, now we have a solid D-Line (paper wise) with a proven LB crew, should make for a kick-ass run defense. Now we just need to get the pressure on the opposing QB.

But going off of Jesse's comment, what can Brown do for you? I guess the old cliche saying is true for Cleveland Browns players...If you can't beat em, join em!!

8:06 AM  
Blogger Jamezwp said...

The only scary thing in my mind is the new Browns coach Romeo Crennel, which whom I have tremendous respect for, just cut these guys like butter and dumped them in the gutter. Is he just doing that to clean house and start over? Did he not see anything in these guys that would make him at least try to keep one of them.
Hopefully, everybody just needed a fresh start.

8:11 AM  
Blogger Steve said...

I think it was a bit of both, knowing these players were huge salary cap numbers this upcoming season for the Browns (with the exception of Brown who was a free agent, and the fact that you have players in Cleveland who haven't produced. It's almost like these guys were made the scapegoat or something, but perhaps there is something that we don't know.

Injuries will obviously play a factor. I hope these players don't have injury filled seasons.

On the flip-side of all this, one thing will will truly help this line out is the fact 3 of these guys have played together all ready, so there is chemistry there, a team bond so to speak! But now that we have 4 1st round picks on our squad, is the 3-4 really what Denver needs to do?

8:16 AM  
Blogger RED said...

So what was the word on Rueben? I guess he actually wanted to be traded and thats what sparked this whole trade for Ekuban. To answer your question about the 3-4 Steve I think we should run at least some 3-4 , not just because of our new stout D Line but more for our athletic linebackers so it will givve them the chance to put some pressure on the opposing Quarterbacks.

10:12 AM  
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