Tuesday, August 16, 2005

AFC South Tennessee Titans

Finished 2004 season 5-11, last place in the AFC South division

Key returning starters:
Steve McNair – QB
Billy Volek – QB
Chris Brown – RB
Drew Bennett – WR
Andre Wollfork - CB

The Titans were in a rebuilding year after investing so much of their salary cap in previous years, it really took it’s toll on a team that was once a power house in the AFC. Can Jeff Fisher, still facing the same problems with the salary cap, find a way to take this group of players and get this Titans team back on track?

2004 Stats:
Ranked 11th overall in offense, #6 ranked in AFC
Ranked 27th overall in defense, #13 ranked in AFC

Your thoughts on the Tennessee Titans this upcoming 2005 season...strengths/weaknesses and your prediction on where they will finish in the division.


Blogger Steve said...

I almost feel sorry for Jeff Fisher; he is one tight spot, things just are totally out of reach for him and there is nothing he can do about it.

Is this the end of McNair? Injuries have plagued him recently and retirement was a speculation last season. In comes Billy Volek and wham, Drew Bennett scores again...

This team has suffered too many key player departures to be seriously considered a contender.

Though they have a healthy looking offense, their defense is going to continue to struggle. They lost Andre Dyson and Samari Rolle, both their starting CB. They also lost WR Derrick Mason.

However, there is reason for optimism in Nashville - Travis Henry looks like a solid replacement for injury/fumble prone Chris Brown, draft choice Adam "Pacman" Jones will sign by tonight, McNair is as healthy as he has been in quite sometime and they still have LB Keith Bulluck, who is arguably one of the best playmakers in the league.

Therefore...this just in...Titans lose again. Some team has to finish in last place and again it will be the Titans. "We are the Titans, the mighty mighty Titans." 6-10 record at best is my prediction.

11:12 AM  
Blogger RED said...

Last Place... I feel really bad for Air Mcnair man, he worked his ass off his whole career and all he has to remember it by is being 1 yard short of a super bowl victory, instead rotten legs Kurt Warner had all the fame that should have been dealt to the biggest heart in the NFl and that being Steve Mcnair. He really doesn't have much for a receiving corp anymore with the departure Derrick Mason and of course the un reliable injury prone Chris Brown in the backfield. I really don't think the addition of Travis Henry will make much of a difference either. Drew Bennett can be a deep threat but only for so long. Hopefully the Titans can turn things around. I don't believe it will happen unfortunately. 5-11 last place.

As for Jeff Fisher I think he has expired his tenure with the Titans and unfortunately this will be the last season we see him on the Titans sidelines, I think what he needs is a fresh start. Who knows maybe Marty Snottenhimlec will get the boot and Jeff can go down there and help the Chargers. As for Mcnair, this will be his last season if he gets injured or if the Titans can't compete for a playoff spot. I really hope he tries to give another team a shot. I think he has a lot left in the tank if he can stay healthy.

3:08 PM  
Blogger Steve said...

Well, I don't think Marty will leave SD after this season, especially since his success this past season - however, Vermil will be gone in KC, especially if they have a very good year (which I am predicting they will). I do look for Fisher to end up in KC next season.

3:13 PM  
Anonymous Atl Falcon Girl said...

hey guys I am back long time no see. Its football season yet again and once again atl falcon girl has returned!!!!! Like a breath of fresh air. Titans aint got a chance time for McNair to call it quits after this season. Cause as sure as Micheal Vick is going to run the ball McNair is going to get injured.

7:11 AM  
Anonymous Lance said...

Can the Cream PuffBuff run the ball for McNair. You still fell hard good luck Tennessee. 9-7

3:24 PM  
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