Friday, October 08, 2004

The Beast in the East

I can't wait until XMAS to see the Heat play the Lakers. Shaq is now in the eastern conference where the only other big name center is Jermaine Oneal from the Indiana Pacers. He has lost 30 lbs since last season. It sounds like Shaq is on a mission to get a trophey in Miami and I believe he can do it, he has a great supporting cast around him, great coach & and a great GM. What will Kobe do now without Shaq on his team, he isn't gonna get the kick back passes off of boards like he used to wqith Shaq down low banging the boards. Instead there is gonna be a new hero in town and his name is Dwayne Wade, the phenom from Marquette. He is going to benefit most from Shaq in Miami and he seems like he will appreciate it unlike Kobe did. If Shaq and Kobe could have stuck together they could have won 3 more championships, but Kobe thinks he can do it himself and we will all watch him fail. Shaq is the man, and we all might have forgot he is only 32 years old. So on XMAS day when the Heat face off against the Lakers be ready to see fire works or fights, it's gonna be a battle. Another good thing about this is that it makes it easier for the Nuggets to succeed in the West.


Blogger Steve said...

I'm start my comment off by simply saying my knowledge of basketball is about as useless as any car that Jesse owns!!! However, I will make some comparisons of Shaq's presense. Shaq to me isn't this all around great basketball player - when I think of greats, Bird and MJ come to mind, not Shaq. However, he is such a powerful force, that his supporting cast around him becomes better. It the same situation with MJ and Pippen - lets be honest, Pippen shouldn't be considered one of the best 50 of all time. But having MJ on the court, caused the defense to double-team him, leaving Pippen open or one-on-one. He was good enough to become an All-Star from this.

The same is almost as true for Shaq and his supporting cast. Wade, will not become an All-Star as long as Shaq is in Miami. Shaq doesn't have great basketball talent (do I need you remind you of free-throw percentages), but he is such a dominating force, a double team is necessary, therefore this will leave someone open to become the next Pippen - so go Wade!!!!

Kobe - well, Kobe will one day be named as a great, that guy just has skills - PERIOD. If you don't believe me, ask his new Colorado friend from Eagle he met while staying here last summer!!! I don't believe though the Lakers will be as good as they were, especially with all the players leaving. Kobe is good, but not that good. Odom should have a successful season, especially if Kobe is having a good year as he always does.

I can't say that I am looking forward to the December match-up, as X-Mas day is filled with college bowl games that I will probably watch instead. However, should be interesting to see the replays on Sportscenter that evening.

10:33 AM  
Blogger quest4facts said...

I agree that the Miami heat are going to be a tough team to beat. Shaq brings so much to a team especially his world championship experience. That is the extent of my NBA opinion, go Nuggets!

2:47 PM  
Blogger kevinck04 said...

The heat will make a good run but I still like the pistons and the pacers just because they have all played together for while now and Shaq does have issues with sharing the spotlight with others(think Penny, than Kobe, next it might be Wade,) Dwayne Wade is a monster, he can flat out ball, he proved he can step it up when the game is on the line watching him break Baron Davis down who is also is a big time player. He also has a good head who won't get caught up in some stupid shit.

As for Pippen I used to think he was overrated too until I seen him play in person. It's hard notice all the little things he does for a team especially being as hyped as he was (ryan bowen with abilty to score) is prolly the best way I can describe him he just disrupted the flow of the game on defense because he was either too quick for big guys or to big for smaller guards for him to do anything. On offense it was the same thing especially with his arm lenghth (I think he had a 7'0 wingspan but was only 6'8) Jordan did help with his growth but people forget the season after he retired Pippen led them to within one game of the Finals.

12:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this prospect of what Miami can do. They have a point guard who I personally got to watch as he developed in colege. He can score. Give Diesel a decent point guard and he can dominate in a conference that hey let's face it is weak. He has a few good years left and as a true lakers fan I am sad to see this happen it has allowed me to buy Nuggets t-shirts and pretty soon I will purchase Miami Heat gear. I am a true Lakers fan for life and they will be back on top. Miami is the beast in the east as of now.

4:21 PM  
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