Thursday, January 13, 2005

Debate Topic #1 of 2 Randy Johnson

Randy is the man. Can he come in to New York and handle the pressure of being a top notch picture in the Big Apple? Can he handle the media? Can he bring dominance back to NY?

Well folks it's debate day between Arvada Mike & Jamez W.P. I just want to mention a few rules, well there are no rules. Let the best man win. Myself, Steve & Cosmic pal will judge who is able to prove they're point the best with the best knowledge to back it up. This will also be treated just like any other post. Anyone can still discuss the topic. Let the games begin. The judging will take place Monday the 17th and there will be other new topics posted dailey as usual. Only the POSTS that are labeled Debate Topic will be judged. Good luck gentleman. Let's get it on!


Blogger Steve said...

Interesting choice of discussion for debate #1. As much as I enjoy baseball I really can't stand to see the Yankees get what they want. This is just a clear example of why MLB needs a salary cap, so teams like the Yankees can't have a roster salary of over $200 million.

But then again, it's their $$$. It's not like they are "buying" championships. Anyone who says differently really don't know baseball. It doesn't matter if you have all 9 players on the field as All-Stars, you have to play like a team and over a stretch of 162 games, this can be grueling.

Randy is going to be a huge element to bring the World Series back to New York. But I don't agree with Jesse's comments that can he bring dominance back to NY. Aren't they all ready dominant? I wouldn't be surprised to see a Subway Series again this season as the Mets have also bolstered up their roster.

I also don't think the Red Sox will be as successful, especially since losing Pedro, even though Curt Schilling is a great pitcher.

Randy though will provide that ratation much needed power on the mound.

9:31 AM  
Blogger RED said...

Dominance in Yankee terms is ripping off like 3 world series in a row. They have not been world champs for 4 years now and that is why the Yankees insist on getting big name free agents because all that is important to Georgie is World Series. He got a taste of it and now he wants more. he didn't spen nearly a 1/4 of the money he has spent in the 70's, 80's & 90's combined. So like I said the definition of dominace with the Yankees is on a different scale.

I agree with you Steve about a salary cap. i think that needs to be even across the board but it's not and we all have to live with the Yankees. I think Randy Johnson will struggle at home but be dominant on the road while playing with the Yanks.

9:47 AM  
Blogger Jamezwp said...

Good Morning yall.......First let me start out by saying that BASEBALL SUCKS! I never watch baseball, and when they start talking about baseball on ESPN I tend to change the channel. I hate the idea that a team like the Yankee's with their economic position can virtually buy an all-star team every single year with maybe one or two teams that even come close to the same ball park in capital spending. I would love to see a salary cap in baseball, even though it would result in team mediocrity like there is in the NFL.

That said, one can't argue that Randy Johnson has already displayed some frustration with the New York media and the overall arena of playing in N.Y. Randy is no spring chicken and coming off of a 16-14 year I wouldn't expect him to come in and win the Cy Young or anything. However, new developments that just came out regarding anti-steroid policy for the MLB should have at least some impact on bating, and therefore aid in pitching statistics. Randy has a great team around him, however I don't profess to be an expert on Yankee's baseball or baseball in general. Personally, I think the unit will have a good year but I heard rumors that his old acne is flaming up but this time it's on his ass. So he may have some trouble in the wind up stage of his delivery as those pesky little zits will act like little needles rubbing on those pin strips but that's just a rumor.

And once again, BASEBALL SUCKS!

11:55 AM  
Blogger Jamezwp said...

Where is Mike?? He must not know anybody on the Yankees. Oh, I'm sure he'll surprise us.

12:19 PM  
Blogger Arvada Mike said...

Hey Jamezwp! You totally sound like a backass backwords pig. I myself am an avid baseball fan and happen to have been a batboy for the Yanks while staying in NY to pursue my musical talent. Yu sound like a jack ass by talking about Randy that way. Here is my take:

The Yankees rake in billions of dollars a year because they are able to bring the best talent in baseball to the friendly confines of Yankee stadium and the rest of the baseball world bashes them because they're baseball owners won't flip the chip for talent. The Yankees will win the world series this year because of Randy Johnson. He will be the piece to the puzzle the Yanks have been needing and Randy Johnson will have the same effect that Curt Schilling had on the Sox.

So bring it boy! I am winning this! You pimple face geek!

12:52 PM  
Blogger Jamezwp said...

Mike, I think your blood sugar has dropped, hurry up and go get another doughnut. Your losing it bro. Now you were a bat boy, and because of that, you say that the Yankees will win the world series? They just may, but are you some kind of profit because you predict them to win. Shit man, they better win. But if they do, we will all salute your tremendous baseball knowledge, and remember the time where, here, on this site, Mike predicted the Yankees to win the series. That is a very bold statement, you are really going out on a limb with that one Mike.

12:56 PM  
Blogger Jamezwp said...

You are right about the Yanks Mike, they bring in a lot of money, and they deserve it. But what it does is create a one sided sport which ultimatley makes for a less than apealing spectator sport. And judging by league attendance, TV ratings, and overall fan opinion of the sports, I would say that the majority would agree with me.

1:00 PM  
Blogger Arvada Mike said...

Yes I said it Yankees World Series Champs 05'

You can't keep up with me kid with my hurt hand. grow a pair pal, grow a pair.

1:01 PM  
Blogger Jamezwp said...

grow a pair you say, bring your fat jelly doughnut ass down and play football then. We will see who has a pair. As for predicting the Yankees to win the world series, how does that make you knowledgable? They better win the world series.

1:03 PM  
Blogger Jamezwp said...

Colorado Rockies world series champs in 05'. They are bringing back the blake street bombers, and Denny Neagle is getting more head from a black prostitute. That's why they are going to win.

1:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gayvada Mike: Bill Cower's ex lover, former USFL Benchwarmer and now we're adding Bronx Bomber bat bitch to the resume, hmmm? Although I do find the part about his "musical" career interesting... So you were in NYC to be in a big Broadway show, hmmm? >homo alert< >homo alert< >homo alert< >homo alert< >homo alert<

2:55 PM  
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