Thursday, January 06, 2005

Just walk away

Thats what most mothers will tell there kids to do when it's time to fight but don't walk away when the going gets tough!

Randy Moss thought his team didn't have a shot so that is just what he did. Walk away...


Blogger Steve said...

Well, technically they didn't have a chance. They blew their chances during the game when Burlson dropped a wide open TD pass and Randy Moss' TD was called back because of a holding penalty.

Not saying I agree with Moss' decision to leave the field early, just shows he has poor class, but I'm sure his frustration just got the best of him...AGAIN. If he didn't want to shake the other team's hands, he didn't have to, but leaving that field early only leaves additional room for the critics to criticize him even further for his pathetic display and cry baby attitude.

9:19 AM  
Blogger RED said...

It's funny because when the Vikings are winning Moss is a class act, but when they are losing he is a pot smoking rapper. I just don't get how a guy can walk away from his team like that I mean come on there was still a chance. i believe there was 3 seconds left and when they kick that on side kick if Minny were to recover the clock would stop and perhaps with 1 second and who better to have recieving a bomb then Moss. Moss really let me down when he pulled that stunt. I think that is going to bring termoil to the locker room and will effect the way the Vikings do against the Packers. Moss had better bring his A game with him against the Packers or it might cost his coach his job.

9:55 AM  
Blogger Andrew Godfrey said...

Randy Moss walking off the field before game was over reminded me of Sammy Sosa pulling same stunt. Superstars get away with this stuff while if a younger player were to do the same thing they probably would be released. Team loyalty has gone out the window in professional sports now that the players think they are better than everyone else on the team and can walk off the field when they want. It is like when Bobby Bonilla and Rickey Henderson were playing cards in clubhouse during a playoff game showing their disdain for the teammates still out on the field.

3:27 PM  

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