Saturday, December 25, 2004


Today the Lakers and the Heat meet up for a XMAS reunion for the ages. Shaq VS Kobe I. It will be interesting to see how the man Shaq plays against baby girl Bryant. The Lakers won't be playing for much except the hold on the 8 spot for the playoffs which aren't until summer time. As for Shaq it will give him a chance to dunk on Kobe's rapist face. Go SHAQ!


Blogger Steve said...

Just to be an asshole, I really hope Kobe drops 50 on the Heat and the Lakers win by 20. I don't care about either player, but I really can't stand Shaq. I can't deny his playing abilities, but he's a piece of shit with a cocky attitude. Guess I would have that same attitude if I was as talented as he is. I wonder why the only place he didn't have success was in Orlando?

Go Kobe...and please, don't rape me!

11:00 AM  

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