Monday, December 13, 2004

Ole Miss the College Years

Not taking anything away from Elisha Nelson Manning’s career at Ole Miss (but setting pretty much every school record there for a QB is nothing to really shout out to the world). Lets be honest, the Manning family has a very talented group of folks. Starts with their father Archie, brothers Peyton, even their oldest brother Cooper was a stud at Ole Miss before career-ending injuries happened.

Will the young Manning have success like his older brother Peyton in the NFL? Well, if he is, he is off to a terrible start. Against the Ravens (now I'll cut some slack, Ravens have a solid defense), he was 4 for 18, 27 yards, 2 INT, 1 lost fumble and birds chirping in his head.

I figured by Coughlin’s move starting Manning over Warner, he was throwing in the towel on this season. I think the move was wrong during the middle of the season. If Eli would have started the season as the starter, then hey, growing pains, etc, but benching Warner in favor of Manning was just a signal that Coughlin doesn’t feel really good about the playoffs this season.

Now I think you just need to stick with him. Benching Eli now would be a huge mistake, but you can obviously tell by his lack of performance, that benching Warner was clearly the WRONG move for a team with playoff aspirations.

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Blogger RED said...

They should never have put him in in the 1st place. Bring on Jesse Palmer.

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