Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Madden Owns All!!!

I have been playing Madden since it came out. I remember the 1st good football game I played not counting Stupid Atari it was 10 yard fight, a great game with stupid music. Then it was Tecmo bowl that was the King of Football games I loved Tecmo Bowl and when it started being able to track stats it was the shit. Tecmo Bowl would probably have to be my favorite game of all time, the warm fuzzy feeling it gave you when you hot 1000 yards rushing for the season, the scramble you pulled off with Elway and the Bomb you'd toss to a streaking Mark Jackson, ahh man them were the days. Then Madden came out and it was stupid at first like you were ice skating so I still stuck with Tecmo Bowl all the way through to the last one on Genesis. Madden got better in the late 90's but there was GameDay, a kick ass football game from 989 sports but as soon as Play Station 2 came out in 98 or so it's been nothing but Madden. There is no better football game then Madden, and the people who don't agree have never played football or they just don't get it. I am happy for EA Sports to get a exclusive deal with the NFL. All the pressure is on EA now to produce a top of the line football game so look for the Madden series to only get better!


Blogger Steve said...

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Blogger Steve said...

You may be optimistic about this deal between EA Sports and the NFL; I on the other hand am not. Of course at the same time I am not a video game junkie like you are, so perhaps your points are more arguable then mine.

I can possibly see Madden getting better and better, but only if that is written in their contract with the NFL. Reason why I say this is now it is the only legit football game (unless you want to play a game with you being the Denver Radishes against the Kansas City Carrots with players numbers where their last name should be, playing a stadium that looks like Arrowhead Stadium on crack). Now Madden will be the ONLY football game that makes sense to play, but here are the downfalls of this deal.

1) No price wars between competitors. I was able to purchase Madden for $29.99 because of the price wars, now it’s ALWAYS going to be atleast $49.99, which realistically, they can increase that price and basically get away with it. Now some of you may be willing to spend that kind of money on a video game, but I’m not one of you. I can’t see spending that much year after year (Madden 2003, 2004, 2005…. etc). The last Madden I have is 2003, just can’t come to senses to spend that money knowing in a year a new game will be released.
2) Who says the game has to get better? Madden has increased it’s graphics and overall design because they wanted to own the market. Now that you own the market, what is going to be your motive for wanting to improve the product? Competition between companies to produce the best game is what drives the game industry. If this weren’t the case, we’d still be playing Astroids on the Atari.

And Finally, my own personal reason – I just can’t stand Madden. With respect to his football knowledge and playing/coaching abilities (when he was younger), he is pathetic as a commentator. I mean the guy just absolutely drives me nuts, and seriously, someone needs to break that damn hand if he keeps drawing on the screen. Stop interrupting people, stop explaining things 300 times per game like we are stupid 3 year old kids and stop talking about retarded things other then the play on the field. Oh yeah, and STOP putting 15 faces per game on your dumb horse trailer.

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