Wednesday, January 19, 2005

One Man Army

Michael Vick and the Falcons go into Philadelphia this weekend as underdogs. This is payback time for Michael Vick and an oppertunity to show off his talent and why the Falcons invested so much into him. let's get some predictions on this NFC Championship matchup.


Blogger Steve said...

Falcons 27 - Eagles 24

Falcons I won't agree are a "One Man Army" That team is built to run the ball, and they run the ball damn well. Their defense is solid, from the front 4, to their LB crew; even their secondary is playing solid. My only question for this team is their ability to win a big game on the road in the cold. They proved it against the Packers two years ago, but that was two years ago in a Wild Card game.

The Eagles on the other hand didn't look all that impressive to me against the Vikings. Eagles should have won that game yes, but made too many mistakes offensively and if it weren't for dumb miscues from the Vikings offense, their defense didn't play tremendously well. I don’t think the loss of T.O. hurts this team as much as people want to believe. I still feel this Eagles team would be in the same position as they are now without the addition of T.O. from the beginning of the season.

Some of the matchups to watch I think are eagles containment vs. Michael Vick. The Eagles without a doubt have a fast defense, but that speed can hurt them just as easily as it can help them. Too much pressure, Vick can find a crease and break a long run. Too little pressure you’re leaving Vick to have a field day in passing yards. The strength of the Eagles defense is the secondary (3 starting Pro Bowlers), so the Eagles need to make the Falcons a one-dimensional team having them throw the ball. If the Falcons can establish the run, that defense is in trouble.

I just can’t come to terms with myself if I pick the Eagles to win the NFC again. They have burned me year after year…after year and I don’t want to be made a fool of again. Of course if they win, I’ll look like a fool, but I’ll take my chances.

2:29 PM  
Blogger RED said...

Falcons 42 Eagles 21

I think this game is going to be just a dominate for the Falcons as it was against the Rams. Steve you were right about the Eagles looking bad last week and they should have been able to man handle the Vikings. The Falcons offense needs to come though big time this weekend against the Eagles. I think if the Eagles can get to Vick early they have a shot of beating them but that is the thing getting to Vick, Highly doubtful. Im sure that Jevon kearse will bring his A game but on the other hand his A game is not up to par with the A game of Vick.

The only thing I can see holding the Falcons back is letting the Eagles get up on them early, if the Falcons fall behind by 2 or 3 touchdowns earely it's over because Vick will then be pressured to have to throw the ball and good things only happen when Vick runs the ball. So look for the Falcons to try to play a close game and get ahead of the Eagles by half then score on a special teams play or two to give them a big lead going into the 4th. if the game is close in the 4th well I wouldnt want anyone else but Vick as my Q.

We will see what happens...

2:56 PM  
Blogger RED said...

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3:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eagles 35, Falcons 17

Donovan is the QB Vick wants to become. But he's not going to get there until he learns to trust his arm more. One Westbrook is worth three Dunns any day of the week...

3:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

FALCONS - 24 EAGLES - 21 How'a like them apples!

6:40 PM  
Blogger Firefly said...

Hi Red thought i would check out your per your request. It is very cool...though i must admit... i am not very knowledgeable about football. But dont get me wrong... I am very knowledgeable about the Leafs and the Raptors...which makes me pretty knowledgeable about Hockey... and learning more about Bball everyday (i call it my occupational hazard... seeing as i work for the Leafs and Raptors)!

As for your comment about me playing Socom 2... i love socom... i use to play socom 1 online ALL the time a few years ago... i was even in a clan called [E187]. I havent yet played somcom 2 online.

as for my blog.. its kinda girly-ish now and then... so you will have to forgive me for that... thanks for your comments!

FF out

7:44 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

Vick is nothing but a running back. Sure he has a rocket for an arm, but he has no accuracy. The only true passing threat is the big black guy running down the middle(Crumpler). I don't know team's secondaries can't cover Crumpler.

Pick is Philly by 14

9:53 PM  
Blogger ATL falcon girl said...

Well we all know who I am going for. The Falcons can play in the cold we are going to beat the egales easy why??? Cause they my friends are just like the BRAVES yea I said it always playoff bound never the world series (Super Bowl in this case).THEY ARE CHOKERS!!!!!!

My predication

Falcons 33 Egales 27

8:23 AM  
Blogger CosmicPal said...


Enough said

8:49 AM  
Blogger Arvada Mike said...

ATL falcon girl... Are you a dip shit or what? Atlanta is gonna get there asses handed to em like the fruit pie's they are. Sorry hun but 1 man dont win a superbowl you should know that from Elway. He needed TD and a crew to win a super bowl. The Falcons are going to lose because the Eagles D is too fast. I was actually speaking with Bill Cowher last evening and he says that the Falcons are not a good team and are lacking team chemestry because of Vicks locker room antics. He stole Warrick Dunns under wear and then sold them on ebay. I guess Vick is a joker and disturbs the team. So you might wanna slide over to New Orleans and cheer for the Saints you loser women you!

11:57 AM  
Blogger ATL falcon girl said...


a dip shit thats funny coming from you cause you are full of shit. All you do is talk shit. LOL,I cant believe you have the nerve to call anybody dip shit. Thats funny, Say what you will about the falcons. But baby lets be real we are going to win defense to fast, man thats a joke if I ever heard it. They are fast I give them that but they havent played aginst the best running offense team in the league!!!


Also a local D.J. has made a bet that if the Falcons win he has to walk to Jacksonville. What do yall think about that????

12:21 PM  
Blogger ATL falcon girl said...

Here is an article from AJC.Com:

Paint the town red, y'all
Mayor encourages fans to get out gear for 'Falcons Fever Friday'

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Published on: 01/20/05
As ordered by the mayor of Atlanta, Shirley Franklin, the city will be awash with red Friday. Franklin kicked off the city's celebration the Falcons' postseason success with a mid-morning pep rally inside the City Hall Atrium.

Franklin, wearing a red Falcons jersey and red skirt, encouraged all of Atlanta to wear red on Friday, that has been dubbed "Falcons Fever Friday."


"I want you to sing, pray and wear red to get the spirit for Sunday's game," Franklin said.

Stephanie Blank, wife of Falcons owner Arthur Blank, said she was still recovering from last week's win over the Rams, when she came to the city's pep rally.

"This is great. It pumped me up. The thing I love is that it brings everybody together. Everybody is talking about the Falcons. It beings the city together," said Blank, who was joined by Shannon Mora, the wife of head coach Jim Mora.

Joe Stalls needed very little convincing of what the Falcons mean to the city. Stalls, who works as an athletic coordinator for the city, looked every bit the working man in his crisp suit — except for the foam hat he was wearing shaped like a falcon's head.

"Any Falcon function I go to, I wear this hat," said Stalls, a season ticket holder, who has been to 11 games this year. He said he has only missed three Falcon home games since the team came to Atlanta.

"It is great being a part of the city's celebration," Stalls said. "All of us were very excited and hyped when we heard the mayor was doing this."

Franklin, who is originally from Philadelphia, said she has no conflicting feelings about who she is rooting for.

"Falcons all the way. I have lived in Atlanta for 32 years. That is yesterday's news," said Franklin, who is trying to make arrangements to attend the game.

Franklin added that she has talked to Philadelphia Mayor John Street, but the two have not placed a wager on the game — yet.

"What would I want from him?" Franklin opined. "Friendly fans."

City Council member Ivory Young teased the mayor about her Philadelphia roots, and performed a mock wedding to seal her allegiance to the Falcons.

"Do you, Mayor Franklin, take the Atlanta Falcons as your team of choice for the rest of your life?" he said.

"Yes!" she yelled.

Now that all of Atlanta has been ordered by Mayor Shirley Franklin to wear red Friday in support of the Falcons, it's time to tout the virtues of this color against the ghastly green of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Some comparisons, as composed by

Red is the color of love.

Like Kermit says, it's not easy being green.

Red badge of courage.

The fungus in the back of your fridge is green.

Red is power.

Greenhorn, as in Eagles team.

Red roses for a blue lady.

"Greensleeves" is a really yucky song.

Red carpet treatment.

Martians are green.

Yummy apples are red.

If you eat something bad, you turn green. And nobody really likes green eggs and ham.

Red states beat blue states

Envy is one of the seven deadly sins. Democrats are green with envy.

Color descriptions

Red = scarlet, crimson, rose, blood red (ready for football), flame, ruby

Green = pea green, olive drab (yes, drab), chartreuse (!!!), moss (not randy)

Finally, there is one good thing green: St. Patrick's Day. Unless you eat broccoli that day.

12:27 PM  
Blogger Steve said...

Wow, seems like we got ourselves some fightin' words between the Bullshit King Arvada Mike and Rootin' Tootin' Atl Falcons Girl.

Look ladies, Falcons are going to win this game, Eagles have nothing but choked year after year....oh yeah, after YEAR...lets go ahead and pile another "after year" on.

2:12 PM  
Blogger Steve Mahr said...

Hey Red, I like your site, I feel like I can understand sports when i read all this discussion. Thanks for visiting my Blog. I guess I will say something sporty then. I am happy the Bulls had a winning streak. As a Chicagoan its really easy to become depressed about sports.

4:31 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

Hey Atl Falcon Girl,

The only red atlanta is going to see after this weekend is the blood coming from Vicks mouth when Trotter hits him.

11:31 PM  
Blogger ATL falcon girl said...

Oh so now Mike has a side kick I see...
Come on guys it takes two of y'all just to get little old me I am flattered really I am (southern accent). Ha!!! I aint scared. I'll takes the both of yous.

Whatever, trotter getting Mike yeah right. If Trotter can catch him. DOUBT IT!!!!!!!! THE CHOKE KINGS WILL FALL TO THE OCCASION AS USUAL.

GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6:56 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

hahahahaha Atl Girl, I was right. LOL

9:48 PM  
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