Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I concede

I don’t like to argue about things I don’t care about, Red has a hard on to try and prove me wrong, but here is what I don’t get…how can you prove me wrong on something I just don’t believe?

Here is what is boils down to…the simplistic version for idiots like Red who insist on making things much more complicated

1) Red believe that the Nuggets should face the Sonics because this will better their chances in the playoffs
2) Steve believes it doesn’t matter, because no matter what, we’ll have to beat a team like the Suns or Spurs in order to call the Nuggets the NBA Champions.

Who is wrong? Who is right? This is the question…does it matter? My belief is different than Red’s….and as I’ve said, I’m not a huge basketball fan, don’t pretend to be, so if you consider me wrong, then why make a huge deal out of my own thoughts?

Retardation is defined as something that retards, a delay or hindrance…that’s exactly what Red is doing, trying to delay the end of an argument because he feels he has to prove he is right.


Anonymous boils said...

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