Friday, August 19, 2005

NFC South New Orleans Saints

Finished 2004 season 8-8, 2nd place in the NFC South behind the Atlanta Falcons

Key returning starters:
Aaron Brooks – QB
Deuce McAllister – RB
Joe Horn – WR
John Carney – K
Donte’ Stallworth - WR

The Saints have continued to be the team in the NFL with a lot of talent but any results don’t show their true potential. Surprisingly, Jim Haslett is back again trying to lead this team to the playoffs. If the Saints defense can improve from a year ago and take the momentum of sweeping their opponents in December, we could be in for a big surprise.

2004 Stats:
Ranked 15th overall in offense, #8 ranked in NFC
Ranked 32nd overall in defense, #16 ranked in NFC

Your thoughts on the New Orleans Saints this upcoming 2005 season...strengths/weaknesses and your prediction on where they will finish in the division.


Blogger Steve said...

Every year I want to pick this team to go far, offensively they are extremely talented and for fantasy owners, this team has a few high draft choices.

But my oh my does their defense stink!

If this team can just turn into a top 20 defense, playoffs are almost imminent.

It’s not like their defense had terrible players either – Ashley Ambrose (who has since departed), Charles Grant and Darren Howard who both had 10+ sacks last season, Mike McKenzie who had 5 INT. But to rank dead last in the league is horrible. In 2002 the Saints defense was ranked 27th in the league and showed some improvement in 2003 ranked 18, but took a nose dive last season.

Can the Saints defense improve? I think their offense is fairly solid – as long as Brooks can continue to make plays and not mistakes. Brooks had almost 4,000 yards passing last season with 21 TD and 16 INT, but was sacked 41 times.

Deuce McAllister had a 1,000 yard season with 9 TD but has to learn how to hold onto the ball, Deuce had 5 fumbles last year.

Joe Horn, one the leagues top receivers had 94 catches for 1 yard shy of 1,400 yards 11 TD and no fumbles.

But the bottom line is all about their defense – if they can’t improve, another season on the couch watching the playoffs will happen. With their schedule this season (AFC East and NFC North, not to mention Carolina and Atlanta twice), I don’t see the Saints reaching the playoffs. At best, 8-8 or 7-9 season, 3rd place in the division.

7:38 AM  
Anonymous JohnnySox said...

In a division that is pretty even, assuming Tampa improves to the form that they showed the second half of 2004, the Saints could hang in the race by winning a few shootouts, but the losses they will endure at the hands of the AFC east will send them to another last place finish. Someone has to be last in this division and I am guessing Litlle Chucky will muster one or two more wins than the "Aints".

8:27 AM  
Anonymous Lance said...

I know this team is on the fence like the stinkhawks. You have a tremendously talented team that has underachieved for many years now. Haslett has to win as evident in the game against the patties the other night. Good luck the nfc south might be to loaded for them to do much......

2:45 PM  
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