Sunday, September 17, 2006


Who expected the Vikings to be 2-0 under Brad Childress right now? Be honest! They went into Washington and won and now they go home and beat the Smithless Panthers. This is a team that is for real. They play the Bears at home next week and that will be the true test of this team.


Anonymous JohnnySox said...

A good start for the Vikings, but we know that teams evolve over the long season, many teams that start 5-1 end up 8-8 and many teams starting 0-2 end up 11-5. Early surprises for good 2-0 starts are the Vikes, Saints, Falcons and Chargers.
Dissapointing starts are 0-2 Carolina, Miami, Washington and Tampa, all of these teams were picked as playoff teams. The 49ers look repsectable and of course, everybodys "sleeper" pick, Arizona still looks like the old crappy Cardinals.

7:49 AM  
Blogger Steve said...

Again one of those comments of a "real" team - it's all about perspective. Johnny, I agree with you - a 2-0 start against two teams who were supposed to be good but are starting off horribly. Is it the fact those two teams are playing horribly, or are the Vikings that much of an improved team? That's really the question.

They beat a Redskins team who lost some key defensive players and a RB who didn't get a lot of carries. Portis averaged 22 carries last season and only got 10 this game. Sure he scored a TD, but less carries generally equals less yards. Then they play a Smith-less Carolina team. And the Panthers had that game won, but because of some bone-headed trick play costing them a deep-in-your-zone chance for a TD. If the Vikings caused the fumble, then I could see an argument, but it appears the ball is bouncing the Vikings way.

Lets not also forget, the Vikings won these two games by a field-goal in each game - who has been the man there in Minnesota? Ryan Longwell - the dude has scored 23 of the Vikings 35 total points. He has as many touchdown passes as Brad Johnson does.

Some may argue that all that matters is the W...and to that I agree with - doesn't matter how you get it done, just that you get it done.

I don't think they are a team to be reckoned with as of yet, there are still a ton of question marks with that team. It's a nice start to the season against two teams who are a combined 0-4 and who were selected by most (including me) to make the playoffs.

I will be rooting for the Vikings because I'd like to see Johnson lead that team to the playoffs, but I don't see that happening...too early in the season to be squeeking by teams in OT because your kicker threw a touchdown pass.

5:32 PM  
Blogger RED said...

Haha Yeah Longwell has been the man. Either way they play the Bears next week. They beat them and i'm opening my eyes to these guys!

5:47 PM  

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