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Playoff Picks

Well the time is here lets get your playoff picks round by round leading to Super Bowl 41!


Blogger Steve said...

This should be interesting - I don't think there is a clear cut front runner for SB XLI.

For the first round, I think Kansas City pulls the upset over Indy because of Larry Johnson. I think this is a team determined to prove that they did not "back" into the playoffs because of those 3 teams that needed to lose. Indy has a good offense, but Kansas City has been flying around the ball and they put up 35 on a damn good Jax defense, so it will be a high scoring affair.

I like Seattle over Dallas. I think Dallas is a more talented team, but they are playing terribly right now and in Seattle, tough place to play.

I like the Patriots over the Jets, though this will be a much closer game than people expect, don't be susprised to see the Jets pull an upset; however I do like the Patriots - hard to bet against Brady and Co.

I'll take Philly over the G-Men, though if Tiki can perform like what he did against the Redskins...Garcia may unearth the philly faithful.

In the 2nd round...

KC will travel to SD and lose...LT scores again...and again...

Patriots will travel to Baltimore and lose, Brady just got sacked again...and again...

Seattle will travel to Chicago and lose - Rex will be prepared for this game unlike GB. I think Seattle will try and play better than the last time they visited Chicago, and it won't be as bad of an ass-whoopin, but Chicago will win.

Philly will travel to Nawlens and Brees & Co will move on...I like Garcia, but he is over-rated in my opinion...he gets tossed into a team that was solid in all aspects of the game yet showed what type of QB he was in Cleveland and Detroit...besides, how are you going to root against the feel-good team of the year?

In the AFC Title game...this should be interesting. Baltimore had a great comeback win to beat SD early in the season, and it'll be close again, but this time Rivers leads the comeback by handing the ball off to LT 35 times.

In the NFC - my heart will be rooting for NO and I think they pull the upset. To beat Chicago, you pressure Grossman...not that difficult to do. The Saints defense is solid and fast and their offense is good enough to score enough field-goals and 1 TD to beat Chicago.

For SB XLI - Katrina will be spoken about 500 times per day and it'll be the main story...I can see the headlines...

Saints look to flood SD for SB XLI. This should be a classic SB, two very solid teams, Brees going against his former team and the NFL MVP in the title game so analyst can shut the hell up about the NFL MVP not playing for the super bowl since Warner in's annoying...really! I'd like to root for the feel good team, but I'd rather see an AFC West team win the SB, so go Chargers and they win 31-14

7:49 PM  
Blogger RED said...

Sb XLI is right around the corner and it's time to make the picks.

1st round I will have to go with the Colts. Sorry but nobody is going to get in the way of the Colts and Peyton Manning to get the monkey off his back and win it all, Colts will stomp the Chiefs 40-14. Sorry LJ but when you are down by 20 + pts at half TRENT GREEN has to put it on his shoulders and with Eddie "Bitch Dogg" Kennision as your receiver it's not going to happen, Ouch what is that I hear? Oh another Freeney SACK.
Seattle over Dallas. Terrible Owens should drop a crucial pass at the end of the game and the Hawks will squeek by 20-14.
Pats over the Jets, I am pulling for the J-E-T-S on this one. But the Mangenius will go down to his big brother Billputyaincheck! Pats 28 Jets 7.
Philly over the G Men, Sorry but little Manning you are just as good as your pappa was you didn’t get your mothers genes like Peyton did. "Hey Peyton obviously is better then his dad , he musta got it from somewhere" MOMMY. Philly 38 GMEN 28

2nd round

Colts beat the Ravens 28-21. Yes McNair is the man and he will be in familiar territory coming up just a yard or so short of tying the game. I like the Ravens Defense but Manning is on a MISSION! From Master Card....

Patriots will go into SD and shock the world by holding LT to just 1 TD, remember Bellicheck is a GENIUS. A Defensive GENIUS. The Pats will take this one in a defensive battle 21-13.

Seattle will beat the Bears by letting Grossman beat them and forcing him to throw 3 picks, (What did you expect, him to turn into Montana?) They will beat the Bears by not making a mistake on offense. That's all you have to do and Hassleback is the man to do it. Hawks 24 Bears 21. yes by a field goal... LOL. Josh Brown is CLUTCH! Even in the windy city.

Philly will beat the Saints just cause and Westbrook will put on a class for Reggie Bush. It was a feel good story but it has to come to an end.

AFC Championship Cotls Patriots. 2 words PAY BACK. Got it. Colts 35 Patriots 17.


Seattle over Philly. 34-28.


"Well i predicted it back on Sept 6th of 2006 - quote -
I am picking the Indianapolis Colts to face the Seattle Seahawks and the Colts to win 34-17.
Without the Edge in Indy the pressure is on Manning and I believe because of previous experiences of failure he will finally get his ring this season. The running game isn’t as strong but with a QB like Manning it’s like having a running game like the Broncos have, any running back will succeed in that offense because of the defensive strategies defenses will have to use to stop the passing attack of Manning, Harrison and Wayne. Defenses will play back giving the opportunity for the running game to be successful. On the other side of the ball with the Dwight Freeney led defense the Colts will chomp their way through the AFC and land their selves with an opportunity for Manning to not be a Marino."

9:59 PM  
Anonymous nn said...

AFC - Chargers
NFC - Bears

Chargers win Super Bowl

10:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with NN about who's showing up in SB XLI, however, not the outcome. My favorite subplot will be watching how Marty Shottenheimer figure out someway to mess everything up.


8:18 AM  
Anonymous Lance Andre Kostiuk said...

I wont pick the chiefs or colts as I hope for a terrorist attack.... I pick the Cowboys over the Seahawks then tomorrow I think Giants and Patriots next week I think the Patriots beat the Chargers the Ravens beat the Colts and the Cowboys beat the Saints and the Bears beat the Giants.... then the Cowboys beat the Bears and the Ravens beat the Patriots and in XL1 the Cowboys actually put points on the vaunted Ravens D..... but it is such a wacky year what to do is unreal fear the horse in XLII do it for the lost beloved corner that could not cover Reggie Wayne but would have in a playoff contest... and Im out for the realaa you people by the spring tournament I will win from my new home in MIZZOU.. see yall bustas real soon Lance the greatest sports mind ever signing off now holla @ yo boy!!! West Side G and all that gangsta gansta shit......

5:27 PM  
Anonymous Big Dog Alter Ego said...

If my wacky attempt at chaos in the NFL dont work here is the logic for LAK... Colts, Cowboys, Giants, Patriots round 1 round 2 winners, Colts, Chargers, Bears and Saints... AFC: Colts, NFC: Bears then Peyton finally lives up to the expectations set forth by the NFL...

5:32 PM  
Blogger Steve said...

Red, as far as your Superbowl prediction...we'll allow it, but you made it AFTER Miami was blown out @ Pittsburgh on opening Thursday night. I was able to research the time you posted your comment and it was after that game...So we could protest since you got a chance to see what one of your SB picks did in a regular season game...but it was only 1 game, so...we'll allow it.

8:02 PM  

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