Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Sunday Night Football!

Chargers @ The Broncos this Sunday night. Predictions for this game of the week? What does Denver need to do to stop the high powered Chargers?


Blogger quest4facts said...

I think this matchup will hinge on the Denver Defense being able to get pressure on Rivers and our DB's giving good coverage down the field. I think the Denver offense will do well (like we did against Indy) and L.T. Will end up with 76 rushing yards. Denver Wins 28-20. I gotta say I love the NBC flex schedule, I think it is genius and I will be at the game hootin' n hollerin' for the home team!

9:46 AM  
Blogger Steve said...

I can't say I'm as confident as Quest is regarding the Broncos, it will be a close game. I do agree the key of this game is SD offense vs Den defense. If Denver can stop LT, this will force Rivers into a passing situation, but lets face it, Denver has not been extremely successful against the pass in recent weeks (Manning torched them, Roethlisburger (in a loss) tossed for 499 yards, even last week Walter had an average game). What Denver needs is to create turnovers, put some pressure on Rivers and force him to make some bad passes.

While I will be rooting for the Broncos to kick some butt, I don't think they win this thing. Chargers win 23-20 and Red and Jamezwp will be calling for Plummers head (hell I may be joining them).

12:56 PM  
Blogger RED said...

The Denver Broncos will dominate this game. We are going to see a flash of the 97,98 teams. Hands DOWN! I believe that Plummer is going to be on the good side of his Jeckle & Hide act because so far it's been a every other game pattern that Plummer has been playing well. He tossed 3 TD's agaisnt the Steelers and had a shit game against the Raiders now it's time for a big game Vs. The Chargers. I think we will take LT out of the game with our offense instead of our defense by forcing the Chargers into a passing game that by all mean isn't much of a force unless LT is having a hay day on opposing defenses. Look for the Broncos to mop the Chrgers up 38-24 in a old west shoot out that will put Walkers numbers up by a few more TD;s as well as Rod Smith. The Broncos own the Chrgers at home and they will continue this home field dominance.

8:45 PM  
Blogger Steve said...

I hate being right...I called the Chargers to win this game because I knew Denver's pass defense isn't all that impressive. They gave up some huge 3rd down conversions to the pass...

At the same time I also hate being wrong. With that said, I'm jumping ship to join Jamezwp and Red to start calling for Cutler to play. I realize that having LT score 4 times is hard for any team to beat them, but there were some really piss-poor decisions from Plummer. I also recognize this has been happening all season, but going up 24-7 and then Plummer just shuts down. I'm sick of him licking his fingers, I'm sick of him running to the sidelines after each completion for a drink of water like he's some stud QB, I'm really sick of the mistakes during the 1 play that he can't afford mistakes (i.e. the dropped snap during a 3rd and 4 deep inside SD territory). A touchdown there would have essentially sealed the win. I still firmly believe there is a rookie factor if we toss in Cutler, but I'd rather a rookie make those mistakes than a long time veteran.

9:30 PM  
Anonymous Dan Fouts said...

This is the year of the Chargers, we are missing our best two defenders and they will be back shortly! The Broncos rematch is in our house, Denver will lose at KC this week, you are playing for the wild card. Indy and Chargers get the bye, Denver goes on the road to Baltimore or New England in January where Plummer assures you are one and done!

6:57 AM  

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