Monday, November 08, 2004

Roller Coaster ride!

Tighten your seatbelts and put your hands in the air because the Roller Coaster is in sewrvice. Jake Plummer has been a roller coaster Quarterback this year tossing 19 TD's and 10 Picks. Can he tame down his wild side and truly grab on to his career and be consistant. That is my big question.


Blogger Steve said...

Define consistent? Plummer is by far having the best season of his career. His previous highest TD total was 18, which he accomplished twice in 2001 and 2002 with the Cardinals. His highest QB rating in his career was in 2001 and that was a 79.6, so far this season he is 89.3. Last season with Denver he was 91.2. Last season, despite missing a five games, threw for 15 TD and 7 INT. You bring up a lot of negative stuff about Plummer, but lets face it, over his career, his numbers weren’t something to write home about. Before arriving to Denver he had thrown for 90 TD and 114 INT. Since his two seasons in Denver, he has almost caught up to that INT total, now is sitting at 124 TD and 131 INT. Do I even have to mention his record as a starter here in Denver? So I ask you, define consistent?

12:15 PM  
Blogger RED said...

Consistent as in making consistently smart game deciding decisions. What I am talking about is when it's a big game in the playoffs or in a playoff like atmosphere where it isn't a blowout win and your running back is not running for 100 yards but when the D is overmatched by a better offense and Plummer needs to make a comeback or hang on to a slim lead without making bad game deciding decisions. Yes he does have fight in him and I appreciate that risk taking play that he has but for him to succeed he needs to make better decisions when the game is on the line. He needs to win the big games and yes against the Texans he played damn good, a career day I'd say but it's those ugly wins that count even more. Think about ELWAY! Having been a Bronco fan all my life and watching Elway I seen nothing but consistency. Constantly winning!

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Blogger Steve said...

Ok, perhaps his decision making is something to argue about, but in your original post, you mentioned nothing of the sort, only the fact he has 10 INT and 19 TD. But I can almost agree with his decision making. However, Elway also had plenty of poor decisions. You preached about a big game and the RB not having a 100 yards and the D is over matched by a superior offense. How many Super Bowls did Elway win with that being the case? Oh yeah, 0. Sure he got to the Super bowl which I know that will be your argument, but what difference does that make unless you win it. By many Montana is considered the greatest QB ever and Marino just takes a back seat. Fair? I don’t think so, Marino has far better career stats, but because he never won the big game, his legacy isn’t as shined upon as Montana’s. Bottom line is simple, you need to have multiple aspects of the game working in order for your team to be successful. I don’t blame Plummer for anything, it takes more then a QB to win in the playoffs. Remember the playoff game last year against the Colts, our stellar defense forgot to show up. Are you going to blame Plummer for that loss? All I can say is if Plummer stays in Denver and continues his “consistent” record of winning (which he has won since being here in Denver), then you really have no argument. You still have yet to bring up any point here saying that Plummer is inconsistent…still waiting for one.

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Blogger quest4facts said...

I like the argument that I have heard on talk radio recently. That at this point in Elway's career, Jake has better stats than John the great. But what I love about jake is after he throws a pick, he comes back and totally redeems himself. Denver lost the past 2 games because the defense couldn't muster a pass rush against a soft O-line and because they gave away 11 20+ yard plays("Big plays"). Not because of Jake Plummer alone. Stop Plummer hatin' dog? Remember your Defenders-Of-Griese days? Be objective, see with yours and others eyes.

2:12 PM  
Blogger Steve said...

Very nice Rich, you said it true and blue brotha!

2:19 PM  
Blogger RED said...

How many Super Bowls was Elway in by now? Measuring against Plummer career? 3
And those teams were not even as good as his Cardinal teams.

8:53 AM  
Blogger kevinck04 said...

I think it's a good season so far but I really havn't had time to watch too many games for two reasons 1. The Broncos always manage to have a 3 game losing streak that will mess their season up (which they haven't done yet and I hope they won't) 2. I don't ever think the Broncos will get back the success they enjoyed with Elway because to me and I might be wrong but it's harder to build a winning team now then it has ever been due to various factors such as Player loyality, ownership issues, stadium issues, fan base (which I really don't care for in the new invesco stadium), and as long as the NFL is on the top of the sports food chain they will not have to address these issues.

I'm always going to be a Broncos fan for life but it's hard to compare players from different Eras especially after the amount of success that was achieved by Elway but Plummer is what we have to work with and I think he's been doing a O.K. job so far and I'm not sure if he's ever been in this postion at 6-3 going into a bye weekend so maybe in about a month lots of people are going to either have good a bad opinions of him

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