Thursday, October 14, 2004

Breaking down the Red Sox

When asked the other day by a few friends if I was going to put my Yankee love aside for this season and go for the Red Sox just to see history I said HELL NO! I don't only want to see the Red Sox lose this series, I want it to hurt. I would love to see a game 7 with the game on the line and Pedro serve a fat fastball to Jeter and see Jeter rip it over deep center to win game 7. yes that does sound mean but come on! I'm not going to put aside my Yankee love for the Red Sox, NEVER! I don't see why any baseball fan would want to see that. I want the Red Sox to never win a world series, I want my kids to grow up and know of the curse of the Bambino, that is baseball history at it's best. The Red Sox will never win a world series I don't care who they get. If they suited up all the Yankees in Red Sox uniforms and all the Red Sox in Yankees uniforms the Sox would still lose to a Johnny Damon homerun off El Duque. You can't change history and history says the Red Sox choke. It's already 0-2 Yankees lead in the series and I'm sorry Sox fans the Yankees have already broke you down. You don't stand a chance.


Blogger Steve said...

Wow Jesse - thought you knew your baseball...I'm sure this was a simple mistake, but man, kinda of a big mistake, "I would love to see a game 7 with the game on the line and Pedro serve a fat fastball to Jeter and see Jeter rip it over the monster to win game 7" Ummm...wouldn't game 7 be in Yankee stadium?

But on a serious note. I don't care for the Red Sox or the Yankees. My favorite American League team is the Athletics. What I would love to see though is the Yankees win this series, go to the World Series to face either the Astros or Cardinals and lose in Game 7. Nothing is more appealing to me then to see that heartbreak look on Steinbrenner face after spending millions upon millions of $$$ to bring home that World Series.

Here are a couple of thoughts:

1) I really hate people who say "well Steinbrenner is buying that championship." You can't buy a championship, especially in baseball. There are 162 games, and you'll need to win atleast 90 of them to make it to the playoffs. Even the greatest performers don't perform to their best every day. Yankees are a damn good ball club and they deserve everything they have.

2) On the flip-side, this only proves baseball needs a salary cap. It's always a pleasure to see a small market team like the Marlins beat the Yanks in the World Series, but how often does it happen? It's brutal being a Rockies fan because no matter how high of hopes I have for that team, I know eventually it's going to burst.

3) I've lost respect for the Yankees/Rex Sox because of one simple incident - Don Zimmer. Granted, it wasn't Pedro's fault, but if you see an old geezer running at you, is there a need to throw him down? Just step off to the side, it's not like Zimmer could stop himself dead in his tracks, redirect his body and charge after you in 1 motion. But I don't blame Pedro, WTF was Zimmer even thinking? It's baseball, I know heated confrontations can somehow fall from the sky, but this was flat out rediculous.

My final opinion on the MLB Playoffs....go Cards!!!! I would love to see Pujos win one

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Blogger RED said...

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Blogger RED said...

I'd like to see the cards and Yankees as well, except the Yankees pitching would dominate the Cards.

11:32 AM  
Blogger Steve said...

For sure over now, Shilling won't be starting or playing in the ALCS because of his ankle. The only, and I mean ONLY reason why he was signed to play for the Red Sox was to beat the Yankees come playoff time. Guess a wasted year has happened as the Yanks will cruise to another World Series appearence.

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