Monday, October 18, 2004

Reuben! Reuben! Reuben! Part Deux....

A man can admit when he is wrong and I am wrong. But I still stand by what I said in the previous post of Reuben! I don't believe a starter should lose their starting job because of an injury, especially if the injury only keeps him out for 1 week. I did however state that if Reuben gets the start or gets carries, then he has an opportunity to prove himself. Which he clearly did. I also stated that if he proves himself then we should go with him, which we better!

31-3 over the Raiders, probably the best game I have seen from Denver in quite some time. I mean every aspect of the game was a complete dominance. Normally I would say something like well we played a crappy team, but this is the Raiders, a divisional rival. If the Raiders, no matter how poorly they are playing, can't get ready to rock on roll for this game, then...their season is hosed!

But on a different note to you sorry ass KC fans posting an annonymous, didn't you say...and I quote, "JAX loss was a pile of crap as you all know we whipped that team up and down the field as we have all teams." And also, didn't you point out our schedule that said, "Week 2 .... Loss @ Jax. ( Ha Ha )"

How does your foot taste?

**Posted by Steve


Blogger RED said...

Oh Hell Yea! Reuben! Reuben! Reuben! The guy is as tough as it comes. he carries guys on his back, he smashes people, shoot he even takes some hits and keeps on ticking. Damn one play from being 6-0 ahhhh! I can't stand it! Oh well we are sitting damn well in our division and looking forward to the Monday Night Game where Reuben will eclipse 200 YDS

1:52 PM  
Blogger Michael said...

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