Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I win and I would like to thank...

Steve! Well I must say it's a real bummer seeing Steve conceding like this. I know all you Devils Food Cake Advocate fans out there really wanted to see Steve rise a top the rubbage and pull one out for the bad guys but he I guess he has let you all down. He is saying he could care less about the topic because he knows he is defeated. Steve is actually a basketball fanatic as far as I know probably 2nd to football and golf. He was the biggest Larry Johnson fan in the world ( can't really spot talent) but never the less the argument did not really have to do with basketball but instead sports playoffs in general. It doesn't take a basketball guru to see that a low seeded team would be better off playing a weaker team in the early rounds of a playoff bracket.
It's the reason sports brackets are made up the way they are with the weaker teams facing off against the better teams in the 1st round because the better teams have earned the right to square off against a weaker team to get rolling through the playoffs and on to the championship where in a perfect world would see the better teams play. As a Nugget fan in there situation you want to see them face a team like the Sonics who are a 3 seed but a very weak 3 seed that the Nuggets could obviously dominate with all the injuries that the Sonics have. I'm done.


Blogger Steve said...

I am wrong, Red is right...


9:48 AM  

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