Thursday, September 30, 2004

Forgotten Skills

I think this picture depicts Elway's career.As a matter of fact it is probably one of the best pictures I've ever seen of John Elway. That bright orange jersey, both fists pumped in the air and of course them big ass horse teeth. There are a couple of things I've noticed about Jake Plummer and pretty much all of the NFL quarterbacks today. The little things, the small plays that either bail you out of good field position or the plays that get points on the board. Here are a few that perhaps you even forgotten but when I remind you of them you will agree these are forgotten skills.

1)Off-sides,thank you, 6 - I swear Elway must have thrown half of his touchdowns off of opposing teams going off-sides. It was when a defensive player would go off-sides and the ref would throw a flag because it was too late to blow the whistle and the DB's would freeze up and Elway would hit a receiver deep for 6. I don't think I've ever seen Plummer try for a deep one, I mean what the hell do you have to lose, it's no fun just throwing a wimpy toss to your tight end or running back, go for it all!

2)The ole Elway-Reeves Pooch Punt - I was at the opener this year at Invesco field against the Kansas Shitty Chiefs and my buddy James made a comment after the Broncos went 3 and out and ended up punting from their own 10 yard line for the 5th or so time in the game. It was 3rd and a mile and the Broncos were on there own 8 yard line and my buddy James screams out "Do The Ole Elway-Reeves Pooch Punt"! and everyone in our section agreed and we got the stadium to start chanting "Elway-Reeves!, Elway-Reeves!, Elway-Reeves!" okay just kidding that didn't happen, but our whole section did agree. Anyway why don't the Broncos do that is what I'm asking myself, why don't I see any of the QB's today doing that. I mean you could really get some good defensive field position like that. I guess that is just another forgotten skill of Elway.