Thursday, October 21, 2004

Ricky Williams Jr.?

According to news reports, Carmelo Anthony was searched at Denver International Airport and was found with less than 1 ounce of indo. He was charged with possession of marijuana. Carmelo's bags were searched before boarding a team plane to last week. Carmelo states the bag of marijuana was left in his backback by a friend. News also states that Carmelo has never tested positive for drugs during the Olympics or during the random drug testing done by the NBA. So there may be some validity to his story. However, this is just a string of incidents that is making Carmelo to be Ricky Williams Jr.

During the Olympics, Carmelo refused to go back into a game after his teammates complained about shot selections - Larry Brown called Carmelo a selfish player and benched him.

Recently, Carmelo was involved in a scuffle at a New York bar after someone reportdly spit on his girlfriend.

What's next?

** Posted By Steve

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

It's gonna hurt even worse now!

Remember when your old pal Bill Buckner did this and the Mets went on to win the 86 world series? Well even if you do slip by the Yanks in game 7 your gonna lose to the Astros or Cards trust me. It isn't meant to happen, it never has and never will. I gotta give it up to Big Curt playing injured and shutting down the Yanks but don't you Sox fans know that your just setting yourself up for more pain. Lose now and save the anguish! Game 7 Red Sox VS The Great Yankees! Wow who could ask for more then this and for the curse to stay intact would be even greater! Good luck in game 7 BoSox but don't get your hopes up because it's gonna hurt even worse now.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

And the trophy belongs to....?

Is the Heisman Trophy really as significant as it's made out to be? I have to seriously question the true validity of this trophy since it seems like in recent years it has just gone to the player with the best stats. I mean, how in the world did Jason White win it last year when that team didn't even win the National Championship or deserve to be in that game. Getting blasted 35-7 by Kansas State in the Big XII Championship, then losing 21-14 to LSU in the Sugar Bowl. Lets take a look at the previous 10 Heisman Trophy winners:

2003 Jason White Oklahoma QB
2002 Carson Palmer USC QB
2001 Eric Crouch Nebraska QB
2000 Chris Weinke Florida State QB
1999 Ron Dayne Wisconsin RB
1998 Ricky Williams Texas RB
1997 Charles Woodson Michigan DB
1996 Danny Wuerffel Florida QB
1995 Eddie George Ohio State RB
1994 Rashaan Salaam Colorado TB
1993 Charlie Ward Florida State QB

2, maybe 3 players on this list over the past 10 years has lives up the hype. I have been a firm beliver that the Heisman trophy should go to the player who has made the most significant difference with that team. Not by stats, but by play making ability, critical moments, did that player step up? I haven't agreed to a Heisman trophy winner since Woodson won it back in 97.

This year, I have three candidates who I feel are more then deserving, but won't get it for lame reasons. #1, Adrian Peterson RB from Oklahoma - if you haven't seen this kid play, you're missing out. He won't win it because of 1 stupid reason - he's a TRUE FRESHMAN. This kid tore it up against a solid Texas defense, rushing for more than 200 yards. #2 is Reggie Bush RB from USC. All around play maker, great size, speed, will be a true asset to the NFL team lucky enough to draft him. Of course he won't win it because all the attention in USC belongs to Matt Leinart. And finally #3, Antrel Rolle DB from Miami. Talk about stepping up to the plate when a play is needed. If you missed that Miami/Louisville game then you missed one heck of a performance from Rolle. Could have been a 1st round draft choice last year, decided to stay around and win the National Championship (true heart there), just an unbelievable athlete. Of course he won't win it either, he's a DB. Not saying DB's can't win it, but very unlikely.

I tell you what though, if Jason White wins it again this year, I will lose out on all faith of the coveted Heisman Trophy.


** Posted by Steve

Monday, October 18, 2004

Reuben! Reuben! Reuben! Part Deux....

A man can admit when he is wrong and I am wrong. But I still stand by what I said in the previous post of Reuben! I don't believe a starter should lose their starting job because of an injury, especially if the injury only keeps him out for 1 week. I did however state that if Reuben gets the start or gets carries, then he has an opportunity to prove himself. Which he clearly did. I also stated that if he proves himself then we should go with him, which we better!

31-3 over the Raiders, probably the best game I have seen from Denver in quite some time. I mean every aspect of the game was a complete dominance. Normally I would say something like well we played a crappy team, but this is the Raiders, a divisional rival. If the Raiders, no matter how poorly they are playing, can't get ready to rock on roll for this game, then...their season is hosed!

But on a different note to you sorry ass KC fans posting an annonymous, didn't you say...and I quote, "JAX loss was a pile of crap as you all know we whipped that team up and down the field as we have all teams." And also, didn't you point out our schedule that said, "Week 2 .... Loss @ Jax. ( Ha Ha )"

How does your foot taste?

**Posted by Steve

Friday, October 15, 2004

Brock From the Brink


Probably one of the best college football games I have seen in recent years. How is it possible a team can come from a 17 point deficit, at home, against a ranked team, with the #2 ranked offense in the NCAA, to win in regulation? Well ask Mr. Berlin! What an amazing game. I take nothing away from Louisville, they are a terrific team headed in the right direction. But what magic Miami has. I was surprised watching their defense play as it did since they had the #1 ranked defense in NCAA, but it shows you how powerful the Cardinals offense really is. What I was impressed about it the Cardinals backup true-freshman QB. That kid came into the game with Miami having all the momentum (after having just scored a TD to take the lead late in the 4th qtr) to sustain a drive to go ahead 38-34 with 4 minutes remaining. If you missed out on this game, it's a shame, you missed the best NCAA football game this season by far!

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Breaking down the Red Sox

When asked the other day by a few friends if I was going to put my Yankee love aside for this season and go for the Red Sox just to see history I said HELL NO! I don't only want to see the Red Sox lose this series, I want it to hurt. I would love to see a game 7 with the game on the line and Pedro serve a fat fastball to Jeter and see Jeter rip it over deep center to win game 7. yes that does sound mean but come on! I'm not going to put aside my Yankee love for the Red Sox, NEVER! I don't see why any baseball fan would want to see that. I want the Red Sox to never win a world series, I want my kids to grow up and know of the curse of the Bambino, that is baseball history at it's best. The Red Sox will never win a world series I don't care who they get. If they suited up all the Yankees in Red Sox uniforms and all the Red Sox in Yankees uniforms the Sox would still lose to a Johnny Damon homerun off El Duque. You can't change history and history says the Red Sox choke. It's already 0-2 Yankees lead in the series and I'm sorry Sox fans the Yankees have already broke you down. You don't stand a chance.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

K.C. Here we come!

K.C. Here we come! We got the ticket's today! Me, Steve, Lance and Steve's Fiance are going to the Broncos - Chiefs Game on December 19th @ 3:15PM. We got the tickets off of STUBHUB for $135 a piece. We are sitting 9 rows back off the south endzone. It's gonna be the SHIT! So here we come KC. Tailgating and all, we will be there! This is what true BRONCOS Fans do!

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

It's over!

How dare they make a mockery of American Indians and play like this!
It's all over for the Chiefs. Yes I tuned in to watch a funeral and instead I seen the lowely Chiefs pull one out of their ass. Well it's a good thing you had a bye this week because you are about to get demolished in the next 3 games. Let's take a look. At Jacksonville - Holmes is not going to carry the Chiefs to Vicory against this team neither will the arm of Trent Green, the sad thing is I hate the Jags but not as much as I do the Chiefs. Predicted score (Jags 24 KC 7). Next - At home vs the Falcons, yes Vick hasn'r been himself running all over teams this year but this will be his break out game, what better defense to gain confidence on. (ATL 31 KC 14) ohhh that hurts at home. 3rd game - Home against the Colts, need I say more (Indy 42 KC 24). Damn just 2 weeks after that KC plays the Pats and then 3 games after that it's the Broncos. Chiefs are going 6-10 this year. Looks bad. Maybe the Chiefs should have considered getting a player on they're Defense instead of hiring old coaches like Cunningham. Losers.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Reuben! Reuben! Reuben!

Reuben Droughns showed up Sunday and carried the ball 30 times for 193 yards and caught a TD pass. I seen flashes of Mike Anderson's 1500 yard season when I seen Rueben carrying Carolina defenders on his back. The man stepped it up and made a believer out of Mike Shannahan and Denver Bronco fans everywhere. The big difference between Griffin and Droughns is that when Griffin get's hit he is down right there where ever he was tackled but when Droughns get's hit he falls for 3 yards. Reuben could not have picked a better time to step it up or Griffin couldn't have picked a better time to get hurt, either way it was great timing because the Broncos running game has done nothing since the opener against the lowely Cheifs. I want #34 to start against the Raiders next week and I hope Shannahan feels the same way. It's time to dance with a new back!

Friday, October 08, 2004

The Beast in the East

I can't wait until XMAS to see the Heat play the Lakers. Shaq is now in the eastern conference where the only other big name center is Jermaine Oneal from the Indiana Pacers. He has lost 30 lbs since last season. It sounds like Shaq is on a mission to get a trophey in Miami and I believe he can do it, he has a great supporting cast around him, great coach & and a great GM. What will Kobe do now without Shaq on his team, he isn't gonna get the kick back passes off of boards like he used to wqith Shaq down low banging the boards. Instead there is gonna be a new hero in town and his name is Dwayne Wade, the phenom from Marquette. He is going to benefit most from Shaq in Miami and he seems like he will appreciate it unlike Kobe did. If Shaq and Kobe could have stuck together they could have won 3 more championships, but Kobe thinks he can do it himself and we will all watch him fail. Shaq is the man, and we all might have forgot he is only 32 years old. So on XMAS day when the Heat face off against the Lakers be ready to see fire works or fights, it's gonna be a battle. Another good thing about this is that it makes it easier for the Nuggets to succeed in the West.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

End of an Era

His head banged up, his Packers 1-3. Could this be the end of our era of quarterback's? The guy's that we could relate with? Brett Favre's Packers are 1-3 and are going to play a similer team in the Titans who also have a quarterback that falls close to this era that Favre is in. Brett Favre is the last of a dying breed which was bred from others before him like Unitas, Bradshaw, Elway, Moon, even Cunningham. The tough quarterback, I guess you can throw Mcnair in there and even Mcnabb but Favre stands from them when it comes to being a leader and an all round quarterback. When Favre finally retires we all will know we are old football fans. I feel strange even trying on a Mike Vick jersey or somebody that young. It's great when you are a fan and you look up to these players to make your Sunday special but when the guy is younger and he was a freshamn when you were a senior it just makes it strange it's like if you still played with your GI Joe's. It's gonna be a sad day when he retires. Hopefully we will still have Rice to cheer on.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Somebody ran out of Indo

Well now Ricky Williams wants back in the NFL. The Dolphins say they don't want the guy back beacause he quit on them, but they can accept him back and trade them to another team. I am sure somebody wants Ricky Williams, perhaps the Ravens would like to replace they're coke dealing running back with a pot smoking running back. Shoot I actually wouldn't mind seeing Ricky in a Broncos jersey. It's really funny how when money is on the table people change they're minds. I don't get why he quit in the first place, yea sure it's fun to travel and smoke pot all the time but you can only afford that habit for so long. I guarantee one thing and that is that Ricky Williams will not be in a Dolphins jersey ever again.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Will the Curse fall?

Well the Bo Sox have another shot of breaking that retchid curse of the Bambino again this year. Will they do it? I don't think so. Even if the Sox make it to the World Series they will still get beat. They will probably get beat by the Cardinals. Yes it is a shame but I love watching them make it to the playoffs just so I can see the faces on those clam chowder loving Boston fans. Oh and to see Pedro bow down to his daddy The Yankees. I'm sure we will see Pedro in pin stripes if he ever wants to obtain that ring. So forget it Bo Sox fans it's not gonna happen, ever. That is what makes baseball great, the history of the game and if the Bo Sox were to win it it would be a spit in the face of baseball history, so I along with the babe will be rooting against the Bo Sox this October.

Friday, October 01, 2004


What is up with Q? Everyone thought he was the next coming of the Great Barry Sanders. Give me a break he is the next coming of Danny DeVito maybe. I can't believe the cat, fumbling in 3 strait games. Now he has the whole NFL looking to pop that ball loose out of his tiny little hands. This guy is really on the bubble with me, he just doesn't seem to fit the style for shenanigans plan. I know Mike is a loyal coach and all but man it is time to pull this guy, I might be wrong but my instincts say to go with Tatum Bell. Tatum Bell looks just like the other Denver RB's that succeeded before him, he hits the hole hard, he cut's back against the grain and he ain't 5'3 with hands that even Michael Jackson would say are too small. Only time will tell how Q does and he has another chance to prove himself against Tampa this weekend and you know Derrick Brooks will be looking to cause a fumble because Q this ain't O.U.