Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Funny Sport Pics

I had to post this picture of Eli Manning at my birthday party. Dude looks Rocked!

Slo Mo again... He got beat out by this old dude!

One more Mo

Sammy Steroid Sosa

Today is my Friday so I had to have some fun, hope you enjoyed!

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Denver Browns

The Broncos might as well sign Tim Brown with all the Browns they have been signing. The Broncos have basically taken away the Cleveland Browns defensive line snatching 3 former 1st round draft picks. Tonight the Broncos traded Rueben Droughns for former Dallas Cowboy 20th pick Ebenezer Ekuban. Earlier this month they also picked up former #3 pick Gerard Warren and former #1 pick Courtney Brown. It looks like the broncos are stocking the D Line up for the 3-4 defense. Hopefully the Broncos can draft Auburn running back Ronnie Brown come draft time to complete this Brown package. Oh by the way this was brought to you by UPS.

Monday, March 28, 2005

We'll Return Shortly...

Because of work commitments and outside commitments, we’ll return to the blog scene about a week prior to the NFL Draft. So make sure you do your studying and prepare your football knowledge arguments!

Monday, March 14, 2005

It's March Madness Time...

Ok, anyone who goes to this site can join in the fantasy league. Just go to and go to the sports (if you need to create a user account, go ahead and do so, then sign up. is the main page, join a private group, the league name is Sports Junkies, Group ID which you will NEED is 80713 and the password is junkies.

Please make your selections prior to Thursday for all rounds...

May the best Sports Junkie win!!!!

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Playoff bound!

The Denver Nuggets are on fire! Winning the last 7 games... That is a streak that hasn't happen in Nuggets history for nearly 16 years. Since George Karl has been at the helm the Nuggets are 14-4 and undefeated at home during the 18 game stretch. The Nuggets face off against the Spurs on Saturday which could be a 1st round playoff preview. With the Lakers having to play on the road the next 8 out of 10 games the Nuggets look like a lock for the 8 spot and who knows they might be able to catch Memphis for the 7 spot. Do you think this intensity is here to last or is this just a small spark that will soon diminish for the Nuggets?

Saturday, March 05, 2005

What if?

What if Bo jackson never got hurt? Would Emmitt Smith have been chasing down Bo Jacksons all-time rushing record? Would the Raiders have went on to win 2,3 superbowls? Would Bo have been in the elite group of 2000 yard rushers? Bo Jackson still holds one NFL record... No other running back has rushed for more yards per carry then Bo Jacksons 5.4 yards per carry...

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Who is the best Wide Receiver in the NFL right now?

I have to go with Randy Moss as the best wide receiver in the game right now. The guy makes big plays every game and when his team needs a big play he comes up with one. Yes he does have the down side of his statement when he said he takes plays off but hey he is the best and obviously he can get away with it. I think Randy Moss has put those shenanigans behind him and is more ready then ever to prove the world that he is the best. I don't think there is a more impacting player in the game then Randy Moss. I think Vick is up there with Randy when it comes to explosiveness and the ability to take over the game. Even in a injury plagued season last year Moss still came up with 13 TD's. Moss has 90 TD's after 7 seasons and he will eclipse the 100 mark as a Raider next season after only 8 seasons, he is also sitting at 9142 yards right now and will also eclipse the 10,000 mark next season as a Raider. Even the GOAT Jerry Rice only had 99 TD's after his 1st 8 seasons and that is including his 22 TD record season in 1987. With Jerry Porter on one side and Moss on the other Moss should catch 15-20 TD's this next season and eclipse that mark and be on his way to being the new GOAT. By the way that's Greatest Of All Time... I challenge all to bring up a better receiver!

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

This decade's OJ?

The woman who accused Bryant of rape decided not to testify forcing the DA to drop the criminal charges against Bryant, now is on the edge of agreeing to a settlement which he won't be convicted in the civil suit either.

Not sure who won this battle, though I think Kobe has the upper edge knowing he doesn't have to face any jail time and only will give up a small % of his money.

I wish I knew all the facts of the case, I'd like to be able to make my own conclusion of whether or not Kobe is guilty.

Either way, Kobe, rape me next, I need the $$$$...your thoughts on the settlement and the case as a whole?

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Sick em boy!

John Chaney sicked one of his dogs on a St. John player over bad calls by a ref. How long do you think Chaney should be suspended? Do you think this should be handled by the law? Was it that much different then a hockey goon sent to knock some heads?