Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Take a Hike!

Jeff Bzdelik was fired today. Does this show that KiKi Vanderweigh has a sense of urgency for the Nuggets to get on top? Or is this just another sad example of a good coach taking the blame for injured and un self motivated players?

Sunday, December 26, 2004

A great one passes

12/19/1961 - 12/26/2004

Saturday, December 25, 2004


Today the Lakers and the Heat meet up for a XMAS reunion for the ages. Shaq VS Kobe I. It will be interesting to see how the man Shaq plays against baby girl Bryant. The Lakers won't be playing for much except the hold on the 8 spot for the playoffs which aren't until summer time. As for Shaq it will give him a chance to dunk on Kobe's rapist face. Go SHAQ!

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Worth it? $$$$

With a 7-year contract extension on the horizon, this should make Vick the highest paid player in the NFL. This deal will keep him in Atlanta until 2013 and the contract is believed the guaranteed money will top the $34.5 million signing bonus Peyton Manning received. How would you like to be Vick's agent, earning 5% (for you math knuckleheads, that is roughly $1.73 million)?

But is Vick really worth it? Since coming into the league in 2001, his passing statistics aren't anything to discuss. By far his best tangible on the field is his rushing ability, having rushed for more then 2200 yards since his rookie season. Was on pace to rush for over a 1000 yards this season before the management in Atlanta decided to bench him to keep him healthy for the playoffs.

Vick is without a doubt the most electric player in the NFL today, fun to watch and has GREAT athleticism. But he really hasn’t proven himself to be a top paid player and lead his team to promise land. With a career 76.4 passer rating, 35/26 TD/INT ratio and 13 rushing TD, just makes you wonder what teams find important. I see Manning’s contract and now Vick’s and wonder why Tom Brady isn’t making that much. Brady is a proven winner who doesn’t toss up Manning type numbers, but in the past 3 seasons his record is 35-11, has thrown for 3000+ yards in each of those seasons, Super Bowl trophy, not to mention his Super Bowl MVP. So my question, is Vick really worth it?

**Posted by Steve

Friday, December 17, 2004

K.C. See ya tomorrow!

Yep we are on our way 1st thing tomorrow morning, we are driving strait to the stadium and camping there until game time. We are making a special brew of shit barly for Cheif fans and as for us we will be having some bomb ass BBQ. Yea I know it might be rude to shit in a stew for Cheif fans but this is war. We are gonna drive all the way out there, no planes. We are packing it in a truck and we are even brionging a putrid Cheif fan that we will keep as our hostage like a bunch of wild cowboys. KC watch the fuck out because the HardCore Denver Bronco fans are on there way!

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Contenders or Pretenders?

The emergence of rookies Willis McGahee and Lee Evans have the Buffalo Bills surging keeping their once very dim playoff hopes alive. Who would have thought after their 0-4 start that the Bills would have won 7 of their past 9 to remain 1 game out of the wild card race with 3 games left this season.

Plus with the advantage of their schedule, don’t be surprised to see the Bills (@ CIN, @ SF, PIT) race past the Broncos and Ravens to clinch the final Wild Card Spot. The Broncos next 3 games (@ KC, @ TEN, IND) and the Ravens (@ IND, @ PIT, MIA). With the way the Bills are playing, Cincinnati (without QB sensation Carson Palmer due to a knee injury) and San Francisco should be considered “easy” wins. I put easy in quotes because no such thing as an easy victory in the NFL, but on paper, Buffalo should win hands down. Pit will be a true test, however, the last game of the season, they should be resting their starters in preparation for the playoffs, and so the Bills have an upper edge there.

How about the play of McGahee? I would have never thought he could have recovered as well as he did from that horrific knee injury he suffered in the Fiesta Bowl against Ohio State his senior year. Then to be drafted in the 1st round and not play a single down in 2003. Speaking of great players, Bledsoe is starting to play like he did back in New England; the defense is very solid, especially now that Troy Vincent has returned; these times in Buffalo are almost reminiscent of the old Kelly/Thomas days. Plus the emergence of rookie Lee Evans who has given great help to the receiving corp., since most teams were doubling on Moulds now allowing Bledsoe to stretch the field vertically.

What are your thoughts on the Bills and your take on the AFC wild card picture?

Posted by Steve

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Madden Owns All!!!

I have been playing Madden since it came out. I remember the 1st good football game I played not counting Stupid Atari it was 10 yard fight, a great game with stupid music. Then it was Tecmo bowl that was the King of Football games I loved Tecmo Bowl and when it started being able to track stats it was the shit. Tecmo Bowl would probably have to be my favorite game of all time, the warm fuzzy feeling it gave you when you hot 1000 yards rushing for the season, the scramble you pulled off with Elway and the Bomb you'd toss to a streaking Mark Jackson, ahh man them were the days. Then Madden came out and it was stupid at first like you were ice skating so I still stuck with Tecmo Bowl all the way through to the last one on Genesis. Madden got better in the late 90's but there was GameDay, a kick ass football game from 989 sports but as soon as Play Station 2 came out in 98 or so it's been nothing but Madden. There is no better football game then Madden, and the people who don't agree have never played football or they just don't get it. I am happy for EA Sports to get a exclusive deal with the NFL. All the pressure is on EA now to produce a top of the line football game so look for the Madden series to only get better!

Monday, December 13, 2004

Ole Miss the College Years

Not taking anything away from Elisha Nelson Manning’s career at Ole Miss (but setting pretty much every school record there for a QB is nothing to really shout out to the world). Lets be honest, the Manning family has a very talented group of folks. Starts with their father Archie, brothers Peyton, even their oldest brother Cooper was a stud at Ole Miss before career-ending injuries happened.

Will the young Manning have success like his older brother Peyton in the NFL? Well, if he is, he is off to a terrible start. Against the Ravens (now I'll cut some slack, Ravens have a solid defense), he was 4 for 18, 27 yards, 2 INT, 1 lost fumble and birds chirping in his head.

I figured by Coughlin’s move starting Manning over Warner, he was throwing in the towel on this season. I think the move was wrong during the middle of the season. If Eli would have started the season as the starter, then hey, growing pains, etc, but benching Warner in favor of Manning was just a signal that Coughlin doesn’t feel really good about the playoffs this season.

Now I think you just need to stick with him. Benching Eli now would be a huge mistake, but you can obviously tell by his lack of performance, that benching Warner was clearly the WRONG move for a team with playoff aspirations.

Posted by Steve

Friday, December 10, 2004

Sad...but True!!!

With respects to Drew Litton's work for the Rocky Mountain News

This is unfortunately very true. This morning the ESPN.com page headlines, 4 stories were about something bad happening in the sports world.

We just witnessed an unbelievably good thing in the world of sports the other day, but the news coverage was crap. Mia Hamm retired, been a great thing for Women's soccer as well as the sports nation.

But isn't this just like our society? How many times can you watch the news and hear about something good going on in the world? I think it's great that a company like 9News gives out a 9 Who Cares Award, but isn't that sad that this is given out like once a week...if that?

What is this world coming to...

Posted by Steve

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Arvada Mike

Well Arvada Mike emailed me with a picture of himself and he also said he would take up Steve's offer to play football.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Denny "Blow Job Away" Neagle

I guess Denny got what he paid for...a blow job, blew his job right out of Colorado. Not that I necessarily agree with terminating his contract over a little oral sex solicitation, but the recent run ins with the law, not having thrown a pitch in 2004, time for that guy to go.

I think the Rockies seriously need to look at their own management and the players they decide to give lucrative contracts too. Two pitchers out the window, both combined to make 170 million bucks in which the Rockies had to pay the majority of it.

Posted by Steve

Monday, December 06, 2004

BCS - Legit or BS?

The invites for the 4 major bowl games have come out and we knew that 1 team would get left out, either Cal or Texas - appears to be Cal. Their one and only loss coming to the hands of the #1 ranked team in the nation and that really was a close game.

The only legit game in the BCS in my opinion is the Orange Bowl with USC and Oklahoma, but I can see the argument for Auburn representing too. But seriously, Pitt, in a BCS game after an 8-3 season?

If the BCS wishes to have any credibility, the first thing they should get rid of is “Automatic Berths” to a BCS bowl game in the 6 major conferences. Lets face it, since Miami and Virginia Tech left the Big East, that conference has gone town the tubes. Then next season with Boston College leaves to the ACC, it’ll be even worse.

Not trying to rag on CU Buff fans, but seriously, what a joke that if CU would have beat Oklahoma, they would have gone to a BCS game by automatic berth. Also, Virginia Tech, not taking anything away from their season, but I think Louisville should have gone instead, their one loss came to Miami which that also was a close game. So instead of elite teams, we get Pitt and a mediocre Virginia Tech team instead of power houses like Cal and Louisville – just doesn’t seem right.

What are your thoughts of the BCS and your predictions for the BCS games?

Posted by Steve

Friday, December 03, 2004

Homer or Bronco Anger?

I'll make this quick and to the point. Everyone else can post what they think and Steve can defend the Broncos, I mean himself. LOL

Steve said...
I will simply say go Broncos! When Champ Bailey steps up and makes big plays watch how Jesse will start to praise him like he is a God again.

Steve also said...
Try having a post worth reading and making comments on. Who care how well the Charges are doing...every Denver fan knows this is a huge game, as well as every NFL analyst...where's the controversy or the "different perspective" as you call it?

Is he just playing Devils advocate or does he say what he really feels?

Steve said...
Yo Mike, glad to have you back! So you're saying that I kiss ass to the home team? HAHAHAHAHA...please read all of the posts and you'll see that I enjoy playing the devils advocate. In fact, if you knew anything about me at all, you would know that I am very critical of the "home team."

Bailey Excuses....
Steve says - Because if you know anything about defenses, you would have seen Lynch out of position on those deep balls. The coverage wasn't man to man, it's still a two deep zone with the safties which means Lynch needs to be beyond the receiver on any deep ball, which he wasn't! Sure Champ was burned, but me being a big guy can burn the hell out of you on snowy conditions because the offensive player has a HUGE advantage.
Also Refer to: Roller Coaster ride! Post then refer to this comment by Steve:
Lets take a closer look at what I mean by the two variables, then I’ll give my final conclusion. What I mean by personnel is simply who you have to work with. Sure Bronco’s are loaded at certain positions but if you really think about it…we aren’t! QB – Plummer, average arm strength, poor decision making, ability to scramble but has endured quite a few years in a pathetic offense.

Also refer to: Reuben! Reuben! Reuben! to see major Quinten Griffin Homerism. Just because Steve and him used to be room mates for a month or two.



Well Barry Bonds now admits to using spank on, spank off steroids. What a loser! He is trying to say that he didn't know what it was and thought it was flax seed oil. Any athlete knows exactly what flaxseed oil is and would know if they were using steroids or not especially with all the scrutiny MLB has received the past 10 years or so. I wonder what Willie Mays is thinking right now about his god son. Does he believe him? I doubt it! Base ball is tarnished now and there is nothing they can do to take back the stats because there was no rule in place stating that players could not use steroids. Everyone is in love with the homerun ball and maybe it's because there is nothing good about baseball anymore. Free Agency, Greed, Steroids. The game is worthless!

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Roger Maris

Well I guess it wasn't a parasite after all. Nope it wasn't some wacky egg roll that Giambi ate in Japan, it was the human growth hormone that Mr.. Giambi stopped taking that made him look like a 56 year old alcoholic with HIV. Okay maybe that was harsh but he did seem to lose a bunch of weight after obtaining that so called parasite. Giambi admits that he used HGH and guess where he said he got it? Yep, that's right! Good ole Barry Bonds trainer Greg Anderson. And how dare Mr.. Anderson not give any to Barry Bonds. Yea right! I guess this still leaves Roger Maris #1 in All-time homers to any half witted baseball fan. Take out Bonds- HGH, McGwire- HGH, Sosa- Corky, possible steroid, just look at any before-after, enough said. That leaves Maris!